Scalise Echoes WSJ: Dems ‘Have Amnesia’ on Limiting Oil Supply

Scalise Echoes WSJ: Dems 'Have Amnesia' on Limiting Oil Supply Steve Scalise Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 06 April 2022 01:57 PM

As President Joe Biden attempted to spin the "Putin price hike," Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., reminded complicit Democrats the supply issues causing rising prices are a self-inflicted wound of Democrats' war on fossil fuels.

"It seems like Democrats have amnesia, as The Wall Street Journal pointed out today in their opinion piece, because it's Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and her counterparts who have limited the supply by shutting down oil production, not allowing any new leases," Scalise told Fox Business' "Mornings With Maria."

"Let's not forget Joe Biden, when he was a candidate for president United States, said he's going to shut down production — make it harder for companies to drill in America," Scalise continued. "Just a few months ago, these same Democrats here in Congress were berating those oil executives, telling them to stop producing oil in America.

"And because of these regulations, they can't produce as much oil in America, and it's made us more reliant on thugs like Putin and other dictators who are limiting supply so they can raise the price."

White House and Democrat acolytes have attempted to rebut Republican arguments about shutting down new oil drilling leases on federal lands, suggesting there is opportunity out there in existing leases, but Scalise noted that is messaging boarding on political propaganda to cover fault.

"Frankly, the leases they keep talking about that oil companies have, they've put every roadblock from every federal agency in the way so that they can't produce on those leases," Scalise said. "Look, you've got every federal agency from the Department of Interior to energy, now the SEC, every agency is putting out rules to make it harder to drill."

Ultimately, Biden and Democrats have to do what former President Donald Trump and most drill-baby-drill Republicans have long sought.

"Let's open up American energy," Scalise concluded. "Get all these federal agency roadblocks out of the way, so we can produce oil in America and lower the cost at the pump."

While the rising costs of gasoline have slowed of late, Republicans argue it is a temporary slowdown as Biden has tapped in to the strategic oil reserves that were topped off by Trump at rock-bottom prices during his administration.

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