Sen. Blackburn: Biden’s ‘Victory Lap’ on Afghanistan ‘Repulsive’

Sen. Blackburn: Biden's 'Victory Lap' on Afghanistan 'Repulsive' marsha blackburn speaks into mic Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., joined by fellow Republican Senators, speaks on a proposed Democrat tax plan, at the U.S. Capitol on Aug. 04, 2021, in Washington, D.C. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 01 September 2021 02:50 PM

It's "repulsive" for President Joe Biden to be "trying to do a victory lap" over the withdrawal from Afghanistan, considering 13 U.S. troops were killed in a terrorist bombing at the Kabul airport while the evacuation efforts were going on, Sen. Marsha Blackburn said Wednesday.

"They wanted a victory lap by September 11, so that they could do a check the box," the Tennessee Republican said on Fox Business' "Mornings With Maria." "The mistakes are myriad on this. Lives have been impacted."

Because of that attitude and because they didn't tell the truth to members of Congress, Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other leaders from the Biden administration "all need to go," Blackburn said.

She also slammed Biden as being "weak" and stressed that there is "growing bipartisan frustration and disgust with what President Biden and his team have done."

Blackburn further commented that it appears the administration's actions were "very intentional" in the days before Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban.

"The more we learn, it appears that they knew there were problems, that Kabul could fall, but yet they continued to make these decisions, so this is a mess of their making," said Blackburn. "We have 13 individuals who are dead. They are trying to do a victory lap, which is repulsive to me, and say this was an enormous success when the vast majority of Americans know it was not an enormous success."

Biden, in his address to the nation Tuesday, painted the evacuation of more than 120,000 Americans and Afghans in the last days of the 20-year war as a success, but Blackburn said his "actions show this administration is up to no good" and that it has "been intentional in making a mess out of this situation in the Middle East."

"Biden is happy with a 90 percent rate on this, but that is a failing grade," said Blackburn. "That is an F. He is weak. He is feckless. He is being dishonest. He is not leveling with the American people or with those of us who have decisions to make."

But what is known is that the administration has "tried to cover this up, to clean it up and say, well, we did the world's greatest airlift," said the senator. "That is one of the things Democrats will do, create a problem. Then we have the decision. In the meantime, we have 13 of our troops who are dead. They are never coming home again."

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