Sen. Blackburn to Newsmax: Americans See Past Biden’s Economy Denials

Sen. Blackburn to Newsmax: Americans See Past Biden's Economy Denials (Newsmax/ "National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 27 July 2022 12:46 PM EDT

The White House may be trying to change the definition of recession, but Americans know what is happening with the economy, Sen. Marsha Blackburn said on Newsmax Wednesday.

"What they know is what is happening in their personal economy and they know that things are costing more, that they can't afford to fill up the gas tank and the grocery cart on the same day," the Tennessee Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "They're having to make tough choices as to where they're going to spend their money."

Costs are also going up in America's communities, the senator said, and its costing agencies and schools "just about double in order to be able to cover the basic costs. This means there is no money left for nice projects and new parks, a bike trail, or a performance hall that communities or counties were wanting to put into place. [Joe] Biden's inflation is eating up every single dollar they can put their hands on."

Blackburn also on Wednesday discussed news reports that Chinese interests are buying up American farmland, including in her state of Tennessee, and she called for further protection for farmers.

"We have seen the Chinese try to invest in businesses and be a part of our financial sector," she said. "They began to buy property in large cities, and now they have decided they're going to buy U.S. farmland. They're going to specifically show interest in farmland that is located close to critical infrastructure, like our military bases, our elections, and electric power generation facilities."

Blackburn noted there were tens and thousands of Tennesseeans involved in her virtual town hall event, and someone brought up the issue of the Chinese Communist Party and "how dishonest" it has been, "and this is where the conversation led."

A poll was taken of the participants in the town hall about whether the CCP should be able to buy American farmland, and "98% said no," the senator said.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are pushing back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plans to visit Taiwan, and Blackburn said she not only thinks Pelosi should go, but other members of the House and Senate should visit there as well and be active in the Pacific region.

"When you look at the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party to the Chinese people and to others in that region, you know that the U.S. has to be present," said Blackburn. "We have to allow our friends to know that they are our friends and allies. We need to continue to support countries in that region as we have supported Australia with shipbuilding. We have supported New Zealand. We are showing support whether it's the Solomon Islands or Papua New Guinea. We have to push back."

The Chinese, she added, have entered into 52 bilateral agreements with countries in their region of the world and the United States can't let them use their "penchant for great power competition to push aside the United States and the free world in this region."

The social video app TikTok, is also a privacy concern, as it gathers information from its users, particularly young people, said Blackburn.

"How do they plan to use this information? Well, you can look at what the Chinese Communist Party has recently done. They have tried to infiltrate every different segment of our nation's economy and our business sector."

The senator also discussed the growing political tension in her party, particularly the split between former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence, but said she thinks that "most of the American people are looking for an America first agenda. They want to make certain that we are in the American majority."


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