Sen. Braun to Newsmax: Ensure Parents Are Primary Stakeholders in Education

Sen. Braun to Newsmax: Ensure Parents Are Primary Stakeholders in Education (Newsmax/''Eric Bolling: The Balance'')

By Nick Koutsobinas | Tuesday, 05 October 2021 06:31 PM

Sen. Mike Braun told Newsmax that parents should be the primary stakeholders in their children's education. The senator mentioned this while discussing the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

Appearing Tuesday on "Eric Bolling: The Balance," the Indiana Republican said: "Let's make sure that we and our communities have people on our school boards that represent our values, that at least the parent, ought to be the primary stakeholders."

According to local talk show radio station 95.3 MNC, Braun's comments stemmed from an exchange he had with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona over government overreach and political discourse.

In their discussion, Cardona reportedly suggested that parents' anger was "a proxy for being mad that their guy didn't win."

A shocked Braun replied: "I know you probably didn't mean that, and I'll give you a chance to retract. Is that something you'd want to take back?"

"I know across the country our school board meetings are a little intense," Cardona responded. "School boards are unwavering in their support for returning students to school and providing a safe learning environment."

After the incident, Braun said he gave Cardona "a chance to retract his statement, that some of the discord at the school board meetings was because we were unhappy with the election results."

But Cardona refused to retract his statement.

"It's an attitude that federal government knows best on everything," Braun said.

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