Sen. Cotton to Newsmax: White House Attempting to ‘Silence Dissent’

Sen. Cotton to Newsmax: White House Attempting to 'Silence Dissent'

(Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Luca Cacciatore | Wednesday, 02 November 2022 06:23 PM EDT

Sen. Tom Cotton told Newsmax that the Biden administration is still attempting to "silence dissent" through Big Tech even after tabling the Department of Homeland Security's disinformation board.

During a Wednesday interview on "Rob Schmitt Tonight," the Arkansas Republican recalled his own experiences in receiving backlash for questioning the accepted narrative on COVID-19's origins.

"In the earliest days of the pandemic, when I was trying to ring the alarm … I said … 'This probably didn't originate in a food market in Wuhan. If anything, it likely originated in the labs of Wuhan where they are researching coronaviruses,'" Cotton explained.

But President Joe Biden and top Democrats claimed that "it was nativist and xenophobic and racist when in reality most people … look at the facts now and say, 'It almost certainly came from those labs,'" he added.

Cotton, who recently authored "Only the Strong," further insinuated that Biden could have overstepped his bounds when he reportedly asked Saudi Arabia to wait until after the November midterm elections to cut oil production.

"It sounds almost like a quid pro quo, which is what Donald Trump was impeached over," the senator said. "Now, remember now: He didn't ask the Saudis not to reduce production. He only asked them not to reduce production before the election."

That Nov. 8 election, Cotton believes, will result in a massive red wave for Republicans as U.S. voters "repudiate" elected Democrats for inflation, cultural issues and a dwindling national defense.

"This is the direct result of the Democrats' policies," he said of the meek economic outlook. "We have inflation because Democrats spent trillions of dollars that we don't have at a time when our economy was already recovering from the pandemic and all the Democratic shutdowns."

According to FiveThirtyEight, Republicans lead Democrats by one percentage point in the generic ballot heading into next week's pivotal election.


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