Sen. Cruz: ‘Feels Like Joe Biden Is Jimmy Carter All Over Again’

Sen. Cruz: 'Feels Like Joe Biden Is Jimmy Carter All Over Again' Sen. Cruz: 'Feels Like Joe Biden Is Jimmy Carter All Over Again' Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Sunday, 14 November 2021 11:36 AM

President Joe Biden and the rest of his administration "don't care" that inflation is climbing to record levels while Americans suffer, Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday.

'The trillions that are being spent, the trillions in debt that are being racked up is historic and not in a good way," the Texas Republican said on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures." "It feels like Joe Biden is Jimmy Carter all over again and we are seeing skyrocketing inflation. We have seen gas lines, and a Middle East crisis … all of these problems are replicating and it turns out the cause-and-effect still operates that when you spend trillions of dollars, you cause inflation."

The administration wants people to not be able to fill their cars with gas, wants the costs of utilities to climb and for the nation to "move on to Bernie Sanders' socialist budget," with the "Build Back Better" bill, Cruz continued.

"Every Republican opposes this boondoggle because the American people are paying for it and unfortunately we will have to see if they can get 50 Democrats to agree to do substantially more damage to drive inflation up even more," said Cruz.

He added that the "cruelty" is that the administration is "celebrating" the growing cost of gasoline because they believe that will usher in the New Green Deal at the expense of working people.

"You know John Kerry has a private jet that he explained for someone like him is the only way to travel," said Cruz. "They don't believe this nonsense. The same thing is true with masks, where they demonstrate they are hypocrites."

Cruz called it "maddening" that Republicans in both chambers of Congress voted to pass the infrastructure bill.

"They argue no, no, if we pass this it will make the other less likely to pass," said Cruz. "That never made sense to me. The Democrats never made any agreement to that to say we won't pursue the Bernie Sanders budget. What they said is okay, we will take both we will take $1.2 trillion here and $5.5 trillion here."

Cruz on Sunday also criticized Saule Omarova, Biden's nominee to run the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, who has come under fire from both sides of the aisle for her controversial comments on the banking industry.

"She trained in the Soviet Union," said Cruz. "She's argued for nationalizing the banks, having the federal government take over all of the banks in America and she wants to bankrupt companies across the country. She wants to bankrupt energy companies, she wants to put millions of Americans out of work. In any sane world, she should be rejected 100-0. The question comes down to whether there are one or two Democrats who will have the courage to break from the herd and tell Joe Biden no."

Meanwhile, Biden and China's President Xi Jinping are to speak on Monday, but Cruz said the president won't stand up to Xi.

"His pattern with almost every enemy on Earth, whether it's Russia, North Korea, Iran, the Taliban or whether China, Joe Biden's pattern is just like Jimmy Carter's," said Cruz. "It's weakness and appeasement and he thinks if you grovel and give them everything they want they will go away and be nice."

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