Sen. Graham to Newsmax: GOP Will ‘Wipe Out’ Dems in 2022 Midterms

Sen. Graham to Newsmax: GOP Will 'Wipe Out' Dems in 2022 Midterms (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling: The Balance")

By Luca Cacciatore | Wednesday, 29 December 2021 06:59 PM

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Newsmax on Wednesday that he has “never been more excited about the future of the Republican Party” and believes they will “wipe out” the Democrats in the 2022 midterms due to President Biden’s unpopularity.

“History tells us the party not in the White House usually gains about 25 seats in midterm congressional elections,” Graham said to “Eric Bolling The Balance” host Eric Bolling. “We’re down five in the House, so we only need five to take over the House and make McCarthy speaker.

“So, historically, we get 25. I think we can double that,” he added. “What I see on the front for Republicans is a wipeout.”

Graham’s comments come as President Biden is undergoing some of the worst approvals of his presidency. Poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight showed Biden at an average of 52.4% disapproval and only 43% approval among likely or registered voters.

The same source had Republicans up an average of 1.3% in 2022 generic ballot polling, at 43.2% to the Democrats 41.9% – currently the most significant margin for the GOP in the election cycle.

“We got three states where Democrats are incumbents that are at risk,” the South Carolina senator said regarding the Senate elections. “Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire. I think we can win all three with the right candidates.”

Graham said the most important issue going into the 2022 cycle might be foreign policy, citing the Afghanistan debacle by the Biden administration earlier this year. Other vital issues he mentioned were inflation, the southern border, and rising crime.

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