Sen. Grassley to Newsmax: Whistleblowers Say FBI Downplayed Hunter Probe

Sen. Grassley to Newsmax: Whistleblowers Say FBI Downplayed Hunter Probe (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling: The Balance")

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 27 July 2022 10:22 PM EDT

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, told Newsmax on Wednesday that the FBI acted in a partisan, biased manner when it "closed" an investigation into Hunter Biden's illicit foreign dealings.

Grassley said during his "Eric Bolling: The Balance" appearance, "Whistleblowers — plural — have come to us with evidence" that an FBI official dubbed "T-Bo," who holds strong Democratic leanings, was redirected from his original position of deciding which cases should be open and which should be closed.

The Iowa senator noted that T-Bo, who has a record on social media as being "very liberal, very partisan," acted in a biased manner when he decided after some "fuzzy newspaper" reporting came in to "proceed" with an investigation into former President Donald Trump. But when it came to "concrete information about Hunter Biden's dealings … with China, etc., he closed that investigation down because he said it was Russian disinformation.

"Now what we have here is a situation where the FBI should be doing these investigations without any political bias."

Grassley added that FBI Director Christopher Wray has moved "T-Bo" out of the position of deciding which cases to open or close. It is not clear now who is working in T-Bo's former position.

"We do know," the Iowa senator continued, "that there's something wrong with the culture at the highest levels of the FBI, and we need to have a Director Wray give us a plan that he's going correct all this."

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