Sen. Johnson blasts Sen. Peters after election fraud hearing dustup

closeFireworks erupt at Senate hearing on alleged election irregularitiesVideo

Fireworks erupt at Senate hearing on alleged election irregularities

Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson joins 'Bill Hemmer Reports' to discuss

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said that his committee hearing fireworks with Ranking Member Gary Peters, D-Mich., were based on the fact Peters previously entered the widely-discredited Steele dossier into the Senate record following the 2016 election but now wanted to claim a hearing about the 2020 election irregularities was forwarding Russian disinformation.

"Bill Hemmer Reports" host Bill Hemmer noted Johnson had accused Peters of lying at times, and asked the Republican what the heated exchange was all about.

"[Peters] was talking like the hearing was about Russian disinformation. It's not. The fact of the matter is that senior Democrats including Senator Peters constructed this false intelligence product, classified it, leaked to the press, then accusing Senator [Charles] Grassley and I i– n the Hunter Biden investigation — of accepting and disseminating Russian disinformation," Johnson said.

"Nothing could have been further from the truth," adding that Peters had introduced actual "disinformation" in the form of the dossier into the record.

"So here he is at a hearing that has nothing to do with Russian disinformation talking about that like this is a hearing on Russian disinformation. I just had to call him out on the fact that it's the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, the DNC paying for the Steele dossier, which was Russian disinformation."

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Johnson said Peters and other Democrats have become highly hypocritical as of late, with expressions of outrage about Republican efforts to either litigate or further investigate allegations of fraud and other irregularities following the 2020 election.

"The goal of the hearing … was to try to resolve the suspicions around the election," he continued.

He said that complementary claims of illegitimacy following the 2016 election from the Democrats and the 2020 election from Republicans put the U.S. in an "unsustainable state of affairs" where now each side is highly suspicious of the other if they lose.

Trump's apparent loss bred "all kinds of concerns and irregularities that we need answers to," said Johnson. "The Democrats want to sweep it under the rug.

"It's a serious problem when you don't have confidence, when such a high number of Americans don't have confidence in the legitimacy of the election. It's a problem we have to solve. The only way you solve it is with transparency and honest information."

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When it comes to the newest Hunter Biden matter, wherein the 50-year-old urged a Chinese energy company's chairman to wire him $10 million, Johnson said he hopes that the office of U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss will conduct a thorough probe.

Fox News obtained an email Hunter Biden sent on June 18, 2017 to Zhao Runlong at CEFC asking that they please "translate my letter to Chairman Ye, please extend my warmest best wishes and that I hope to see the Chairman soon."

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