Sen. Lindsey Graham to Newsmax: Trump Would Beat Biden in a ‘Blowout’

Sen. Lindsey Graham to Newsmax: Trump Would Beat Biden in a 'Blowout' (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling: The Balance")

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 02 December 2021 06:14 PM

If President Joe Biden is not impeached before 2024, and former President Donald Trump winds up running for the White House again, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Newsmax predicts a Trump "blowout."

"There's been no more influential person on conservatism and the Republican Party than Donald Trump since Ronald Reagan," Graham told Thursday's "Eric Bolling: The Balance." "The party of Donald Trump is the America First party. It is a strong-border, strong-military, low-tax party, socially conservative party – constitutional judges.

"Every day that goes by Trump is looking better. Biden has screwed up everything he touched, and then if the election were held tomorrow, it would be a blowout."

Graham has called for articles of impeachment against Biden on Newsmax before, saying the president has been "derelict in his duties."

"I think he deserves to be impeached based on what he did in Afghanistan alone," Graham said again Thursday, adding the first priority is the GOP capitalizing on Biden's failures and taking back Congress in the 2022 midterms.

"I want to take back the House for a lot of reasons," Graham added. "Number one to stop this socialist train."

Graham offered some unsolicited advice to Trump as he campaigns for candidates in the midterms, potentially setting up the 2024 presidential campaign rematch against Biden, or one of his proxies.

"President Trump needs to talk more about policy," Graham said. "He needs to focus on the difference between what he did as president and what the Democrats are doing now under Joe Biden, and how to fix the mess created by Joe Biden."

If Trump chooses to run, the party is his, Graham noted.

"This is the party of Donald Trump," he continued. "Donald Trump is well-positioned to come back in 2024, but we have to win in 2022. President Trump is the leader, the captain of the team. If we have a good 2022 in the House and the Senate, watch out for 2024.

"Every day that goes by, we appreciate President Trump's policies more and more."

Even Biden has been forced by the courts to agree with Trump, restoring the "remain in Mexico" immigration policy at the porous border, according to Graham, who said "they're going back to the policy that worked fabulously well."

"There's a push back in the Hispanic community against these open-border policies," Graham said. "Trump is doing better with Hispanics than any Republican in modern times, because the people who live along the border and Arizona and Texas, Latino and Hispanic communities, are overwhelmed by illegal immigration, and they don't like it."

Even before future politics, the most pressing issue before the Senate is killing Biden's $1.9 trillion Build Back Better bill, Graham said.

He told Bolling he requested new budget scoring from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and predicts the findings will be damaging to the bill's hopes in the Senate.

"I'll have numbers from CBO next week showing that Build Back Better is a fraud," Graham concluded.

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