Sen. Marshall to Newsmax: Stacey Abrams Hypocritical for Not Wearing Mask

Sen. Marshall to Newsmax: Stacey Abrams Hypocritical for Not Wearing Mask (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance")

By Luca Cacciatore | Monday, 07 February 2022 05:48 PM

Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., told Newsmax on Monday that Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams was a "hypocrite" for being caught without a mask while visiting an elementary school on Friday.

Abram's campaign pushed back against criticism of her trip to Glennwood Elementary School in a now-deleted tweet, saying it was "shameful" how Republicans used a Black History Month reading event to fuel a "pitiful and predictable" criticism, Al-Jazeera reported.

"I think back to one of my grandmother's old sayings is: 'Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house, and we all live in a glass house,'" Marshall said during an appearance on "Eric Bolling The Balance."

"In a perfect world, maybe masks could help some. Maybe. But my three-year-old grandson trying to wear a mask, I don't see the purpose in it," he added. "He's going to take it on and off. He's going to touch his mouth. You're going to take it off to eat, to go to the bathroom. Out at recess as well. So, I think it's a joke. It's hypocrisy. And you know, America is so done with all these rules from Dr. [Anthony] Fauci."

Marshall added that he previously pushed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to show him the studies on the efficacy of masks when the COVID pandemic first hit.

"I pushed the CDC on this two years ago now – almost two years ago. I said, 'Show me the studies.' They sent me 80 studies, but I read every one of them," the Kansas senator said. "70 of them said that masks don't help or hurt. Seven or eight of them said it actually hurt the situation, [sic] had increased risk of infection, and a couple said they helped – marginally helped at best. So, we've always known that masks aren't the answer."

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