Sen. Rick Scott: Biden’s Agenda to Blame For Low Jobs Report

Sen. Rick Scott: Biden's Agenda to Blame For Low Jobs Report Sen. Rick Scott: Biden's Agenda to Blame For Low Jobs Report Sen. Rick Scott, R-FL. (Leigh Vogel-Pool/Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 10 May 2021 04:25 PM

Sen. Rick Scott Monday blamed last week's lower-than-expected jobs report on President Joe Biden's agenda and policies that keep people at home drawing unemployment with extra government bonus money.

"They get paid more money not to work," the Florida Republican said on Fox News' "America Reports," adding that he hasn't heard back from Labor Secretary Marty Walsh about whether laws are being enforced to make people who are drawing benefits to accept employment.

"I'm hearing it all across the country," said Scott. "People can't open their restaurants, people can't step up because people are making more money and they don't want to come back to work. I'm glad the president is focused on the fact that it was a horrible job number and I think it's a horrible job number because of what the Biden agenda is. It's higher taxes, more regulation, going to make it very difficult for businesses, and on top of that, everything is free."

Scott also said he understands that people may still be concerned about their safety, considering COVID-19, and said that is a legitimate concern.

"But especially in my home state of Florida, people are making more money not to work," said Scott. "When this first started, I, going along with three other senators, said you can't pay people more not to work than to work. That's not going to work."

Democrats said that the Department of Labor would enforce the work rule, said Scott, but "that hasn't happened anywhere around the country that I can tell, and the Secretary of Labor won't answer my letter to him."

Scott also spoke out against allowing money to keep going to China while the origins of the COVID pandemic remain unclear, and called on holding the World Health Organization accountable for the lack of information and for more information to be made available by the Biden administration.

"Give us the facts, let us be honest with it, and we can make an informed decision," said Scott.

"How is this any different than what communist China is doing? They won't tell us what happened in Wuhan and what we're doing here, how we are spending our money, it is our money. I'm sick and tired of the federal government acting like they have to tell us — I'm sitting in the Senate and they don't want to tell me things. The American public should be furious at how the federal government treats their citizens."