Sen. Tom Cotton: Voters to ‘Deliver Massive Rebuke’ to Biden’s Open Border

Sen. Tom Cotton: Voters to 'Deliver Massive Rebuke' to Biden's Open Border Sen. Tom Cotton: Voters to 'Deliver Massive Rebuke' to Biden's Open Border Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark. (Photo Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 06 February 2022 02:14 PM

Democrats have "veered off into a far left wing, crazed ideology" and voters "are going to deliver a massive rebuke to them this fall," particularly because of open borders, according to Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.

"It used to be that Democrats seemed to believe that border enforcement is racist and nativist and xenophobic; now they seem to believe that borders period are racist and xenophobic – that if you exclude anyone from the country, you are a racist and a xenophobe and a nativist," Cotton told Sunday's "The Cats Roundtable" on WABC 770 AM-N.Y.

Cotton pointed to the drugs flowing across the border, along with illegal immigrants, killing 100,000 from drug overdoses, meaning "every state is a border state and every town is a border town," he told host John Catsimatidis.

"Joe Biden's immigration policy has completely opened our borders," Cotton continued to John Catsimatidis. "We had more than 2 million people enter a country as illegal migrants in the first year of the Biden presidency.

"John, that's like adding the entire state of Nebraska. They are bringing with them drugs. They are, in many cases, gang members or hardened criminals."

Even the immigrants who are justifiably seeking a better future have impacted America under Biden.

"The best-case scenario if they are just economic migrants who want to find a better place and livelihood for themselves, they're taking jobs from Americans, or they're driving down wages for Americans," Cotton continued.

Migrants at the border should be held to the past standards of Ellis Island in New York, where they had to prove they could support themselves financially and "they didn't have communicable diseases."

"These are two of the most basic and long-standing principles of immigration law and policy in this country," Cotton said. "That would be a pretty good standard to apply to our southern border today; yet, the Biden Administration won't even do that."

Cotton also lamented the success of progressives in changing America to date, even if Republicans can retake Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.

"The original progressives, most notably Woodrow Wilson, disdained our Constitution and our founding," Cotton said. "They criticized it as obsolete and outdated, and they wanted to create a whole new kind of government – a kind of permanent bureaucratic state that would make decisions for the American people.

"Unfortunately, in many regards they have succeeded in that project. But their intellectual ancestors on the Democratic left, have now become openly hostile to America. [They are] not just critical to our founding, but [are] condemning our founding that is based on racism and bondage — not on freedom and equality.

"It's not surprising when you have an entire party whose intellectual, activist energy is hostile to your country and its founding that they are pursuing an agenda that will bring low American power and prosperity and, ultimately, infringe on some of our most basic rights."

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