Seth Barron to Newsmax: NYC GOP Mayoral Primary Winner Sliwa in Good Position

Seth Barron to Newsmax: NYC GOP Mayoral Primary Winner Sliwa in Good Position (Newsmax/"Greg Kelly Reports")

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 23 June 2021 09:33 PM

New York City expert and author Seth Barron liked the idea of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa winning the New York City GOP mayoral primary race, given Sliwa's experience starting the well a non-profit, aimed at combating violence and crime in New York City.

Appearing on Newsmax's "Greg Kelly Reports," Barron, the author of "The Last Days of New York: A Reporter’s True Tale" said of Sliwa, "Well, I'm sure he would be better than what we've got on the other side. Whether he can win or not, is another question. That's going to take, you know, the people of New York rising up and saying that they can't stand the disorder."

"You know," Barron added, "Curtis is a real character, and he's a New York institution. So maybe it he'll be alright."

Barron appeared alongside radio personality Mark Simone who gave a further accounting of Sliwa's character. "I worked with Curtis for 15 years," Simone said. "I can tell you,[he's the] most honest guy in the world, hardest working guy in the world. He doesn't like Trump…But the fact that he doesn't like him will help him with Democrats in New York. That's important."

Simone said Sliwa's experience could make him a noteworthy candidate who is tough on crime. "People want a crime fighter…People are worried about police brutality, Curtis has been hit with more nightsticks, thrown in jail and beaten by every police department in America…Curtis is in a good position [to win the mayoral race]."

Simone clarified that Sliwa's experience on the wrong end of the nightstick had nothing to do with him breaking the law. "It's not that he was breaking the law. Sometimes it was protesting—a lot of times in other cities. But you remember, years ago, the cops hated the Guardian Angels and went after them. They thought the Guardian Angels were competing or trying to embarrass them. So Curtis is one of those guys who, when you walk down the street, he picks up every gum wrapper. He's the most lawful guy you've ever seen."

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