Sharyl Attkisson to Newsmax TV: 2016 Accelerated Media Bias

Sharyl Attkisson to Newsmax TV: 2016 Accelerated Media Bias (Newsmax TV's "Saturday Report')

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 28 November 2020 11:06 AM

Special interest forces saw the 2016 information cycle as too free online, so they bolstered efforts to control the dissemination of dissent online, according to author Sharyl Attkisson on Newsmax TV.

"They pretty successfully figured out how to do that the past four years," Attkisson told "Saturday Report."

Attkisson's latest book "Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism" was released this week and details the control big tech and the internet has managed to take over our society and the free market of ideas.

"A lot of people think big tech is pulling the strings because they're ideologically on the left, but I will tell you there are also corporate interests," she told host Carl Higbie. "This just doesn't split left-right sometimes. There are corporate interests that are convincing big tech to do these things, and there are political interests calling them and lobbying them to do these things."

The problem on social media information control is it attempts to stifle any kind of legal speech with liberal-biased "fact-checkers," she added.

"I think they should be out of the business [of fact-checking]," she said. "First, they are not experts. They are not qualified. They have conflicted political and corporate interests getting them to make their decision.

"We shouldn't be saying, 'Hey, be fair in how you censor and fact-check,' because they're not qualified to do it. We should be saying 'Hands off of our information' in my view, except that which is illegal."

As for Section 230 for social media companies, they are becoming "publishers" when they "take an advocacy people that sometimes isn't even true," Attkisson said.

Also, administrations tend to hold sway in major media by giving or blocking access to major interviews. For example, Attkisson said, if they do not like what you report, you will be banished from gaining access to information and sources in the future.

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