State GOP Committee Rakes in Record $10 Million in First Quarter

State GOP Committee Rakes in Record $10 Million in First Quarter GOP hat. The GOP is is raising record money. (Getty Images)

By Peter Malbin | Monday, 11 April 2022 11:29 AM

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) and its strategic partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), announced that they raised $10.1 million during the first quarter of the year, The Hill first reported.

The fundraising haul is a record for the RSLC and SGLF, outdoing their 2020 first-quarter haul by 64%. The two groups say they have now raised a total of $43.4 million during the 2022 campaign cycle.

Both groups raised a total of $2,462,000 online, with a 117% increase in online fundraising compared to last year. The average online donation was $25.89, according to the RSLC and SGLF.

"The American people have had enough of Joe Biden's failed leadership that has caused nothing but chaos, and this historic fundraising quarter reflects the enthusiasm we are seeing across the country for electing state Republicans who can counteract Democrat-controlled Washington's failed agenda," RSLC President Dee Duncan said in a statement to The Hill.

The RSLC's Democratic counterpart, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), announced last week it raised more than $6.5 million in the first quarter of the year. The group said its latest fundraising broke the previous first-quarter fundraising record in 2020. The DLCC's average donation was $24.79.

"With the federal government not coming to save us, state Democrats are the last line of defense. It is more important than ever that we have the resources to defend Democratic seats, challenge the extremism of the GOP, and build long-term infrastructure for cycles to come," DLCC President Jessica Post said in a statement last week.

Republicans are going on the offensive for the midterms, The Hill observed, and Democrats may face a struggle up and down the ballot, given the historical precedence of a first-term president's party typically losing seats at the midterm elections.

The record-setting Republican fundraising is likely be a referendum on President Joe Biden's performance.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., announced he raised $31.5 million in the first quarter and $104 million this cycle. McCarthy has transferred more than $37 million to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Registered voters are evenly divided between the two major parties in their election preferences, according to Pew Research Center. Republican voters are more likely than Democratic voters to say it "really matters" which party gains control of Congress in this fall's midterms.

The border crisis, high inflation, and rising crime rates are some of the most important issues for voters.

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