Stuart Scheller Sr. to Newsmax: Son’s Imprisonment ‘an Outrage’

Stuart Scheller Sr. to Newsmax: Son's Imprisonment 'an Outrage' (Newsmax's "Saturday Report")

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 02 October 2021 11:40 AM

While the war in Afghanistan might be over, the aftermath has Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr.'s calls for accountability creating two domestic battles, the parents of the jailed outspoken military critic told Newsmax on Saturday.

First is America's demand for accountability from Afghanistan, from which Scheller was imprisoned for violating a military gag order, and second is the injustice of silencing Scheller's call for accountability, Stuart Scheller Sr. told "Saturday Report."

"It's an outrage," Scheller Sr. told host Carl Higbie. "The thing that saddens us the most is these generals are hurting the reputation of the Marine Corps, of the Navy, of our armed services, and our country.

"And it's as if they can't even see that. They're blunt to it, and I suppose it's arrogance. They're stubborn. But they know, and they believe they can win, the battle against Lt. Col. Stuart Sheller by putting all the forces to bear down on him as they have for the last 30 days."

But you and I know, and America knows, they're going to lose the war. And the war is the American people standing up demanding accountability. It's not just Stuart sheller anymore. It's the American people are contacting their congresspeople. They're finding their voice, and that inspires us, and that's why we are continuing to tell Stuart's story."

While Scheller Sr. and his wife Cathy are coordinating efforts to get their son out of military prison for violating gag orders in his calls for accountability, there is also a brewing battle for Congress and Americans to get the accountability Scheller sought.

"There are several battles: One is with the senior leaders; One is to free Lt. Col. Stewart Sheller," Scheller Sr. continued. "Obviously, our fight and our priority is to free our son honorably with his benefits, and we are asking Americans to do that."

Scheller expects a long, hard battle for this son's freedom and benefits, but Americans should pick up the mantle in the demand for accountability in Afghanistan, where President Joe Biden's unconditional Afghanistan withdrawal led to the suicide bombing by ISIS-K that killed 13 U.S. service members.

"The fight with our senior leaders: Ask your congresspeople to continue to challenge them," Scheller Sr. said. "That's all we can do. We're a mom and pop trying to protect our son and our grandchildren. It's been difficult, but you know what I tell people? Kathy and I haven't had to spend the last five nights in prison.

"We have been given low expectations that Stuart could spend time in prison for a very long time, if they so choose. We're in it for the long haul. This is an ultra marathon."

Cathy Scheller was emotional for the outpouring of support from groups rallying lawmakers to stand in support for their son.

"I would just like to say that I saw what pipefitters did with those representatives with the names on that letter, as his mother, I just cried. That meant so much to me, and it just restored my faith in America.

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