Super PAC Affiliated With Schumer Backed Right-Wing Senate Candidate in Colorado

Super PAC Affiliated With Schumer Backed Right-Wing Senate Candidate in Colorado Chuck Schumer Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. (Michael Brochstein/Sipa via AP)

By Solange Reyner | Thursday, 21 July 2022 01:57 PM EDT

A super PAC affiliated with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., spent $4 million to influence Colorado's Republican U.S. Senate primary, according to campaign finance records, reports The Daily Caller.

The Senate Majority PAC, known as SMP, was the lone donor to Democrat Colorado, another super PAC that spent millions on boosting the profile of state Rep. Ron Hanks, who promoted the false claim that President Joe Biden did not actually win his election against former President Donald Trump in 2020 and also claimed widespread fraud led to losses in the state's June 28 GOP primary.

He lost to Joe O'Dea, a first-time candidate and owner of a Denver construction company.

Democrat Colorado ran ads touting Hanks as "one of the most conservative members in the state House" who wanted to "ban all abortions."

O'Dea, SMP President JB Poersch said in a statement in late June, "spent his primary campaign racing far to the right of Colorado voters and dodging tough questions.

"But he can't escape his long record of hurting workers and saying one thing while doing another," it added. "One thing is crystal clear: he would be nothing but a rubber stamp for Senate Republicans' dangerous agenda to further restrict abortion rights and gut Medicare and Social Security. O'Dea is not who he says he is and he can't be trusted to stand up for Colorado values."

Poersch told the Colorado Sun his group "saw two deeply flawed candidates running against each other so we worked to weaken both their campaigns."

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