U.S., Colombia troops begin joint military exercises

In this July 30th, 2014, file photo, U.S. paratroopers team up with their counterparts from multiple nations for an exercise in Fort Tolemaida, Colombia. Over the weekend, readiness preparation continued for U.S. forces as they took part in a multinational training exercise in Colombia. (Department of Defense via AP)

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UPDATED 7:53 AM PT — Monday, January 27, 2020

The U.S. recently teamed up with Colombia in joint military training. Over the weekend, troops from both nations began an airborne assault exercise in Colombia, which was designed to simulate the securing of an airfield.

According to officials, the exercises were intended to increase cooperation between the two countries. 75 U.S. paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division joined Colombian forces for both ground and air training.

North Carolina-based troops also exchanged strategic and tactical expertise with their Colombian counterparts.

“What today’s exercise represents is the friendship between the United States and Colombia, we are constantly performing exercises to promote the interoperability of our forces,” stated Philip Goldberg, U.S. ambassador to Colombia. “It’s very important, we’re good friends and allies, and that is the goal of this exercise.”

This comes as roughly a million migrants have fled to Colombia from Venezuela since the country’s crisis began. Although Colombia and Venezuela share a border, the two countries reportedly do not have any diplomatic ties.

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