OneUnited Bank doubles down after criticism over its Harriet Tubman debit card

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UPDATED 6:45 AM PT — Saturday, February 15, 2020

The largest black-owned bank in the U.S. is facing criticism over its Black History Month debit card. This week, OneUnited Bank released their limited-edition debit cards, which featured Harriet Tubman seemingly posing with the ‘Wakanda forever’ salute from the film “Black Panther.”

The move has since caused a major debate on social media.

The bank’s president said the gesture was meant to represent the sign for ‘love’ in American Sign Language.

“The hand gesture people are commenting about, that is the sign language gesture for ‘love,’” she said. “It is to represent not only love of yourself, but love of our community.”

Despite this explanation, criticism continues to swirl online. However, the bank has said it will stand by the design, claiming the image conveys a very positive message.

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Buttigieg releases list of campaign fundraisers after criticism from Warren

closeDemocrats falling out of love with Pete ButtigiegVideo

Democrats falling out of love with Pete Buttigieg

Reaction and analysis from radio show host Howie Carr.

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s campaign on Friday released a list of people who have raised $25,000 or more for his campaign, amid continued scrutiny from his Democratic primary rivals.

The list is something that the South Bend, Ind. mayor's campaign claims make it “more transparent than any other campaign this cycle.” It includes names such as Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va., while Politico reported that other names include an executive vice chairman of the private equity company Blackstone and a partner of McKinsey and Co. — a consulting firm where Buttigieg used to work.

“In addition to releasing these names, which no other current campaign has done, Pete has also opened his fundraisers to the press,” the campaign said in a statement. “He has made public 12 years of tax returns, he has held three multi-day bus tours with reporters that were completely on the record, and he has committed to restoring daily press briefings in the White House.”


Politico also reported that a number of former fundraisers for both Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama are on the list.

The release comes amid blistering criticism from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who has taken aim at Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden — without naming them directly — for mingling with wealthy donors.

"They are spending their time in fundraisers with high-dollar donors, selling access to their time for money. Some of them have spent months blocking reporters from entering those fancy, closed-door affairs,” she said at an event this week.


Elizabeth Warren critiques rivals in New Hampshire policy speechVideo

And pointing to Buttigieg, again without naming him, she said the candidate “calls the people who raise a quarter-million dollars for him his ‘National Investors Circle,’ and he offers them regular phone calls and special access. When a candidate brags about how beholden he feels to a group of wealthy investors, our democracy is in serious trouble.”

Following Warren’s address, the Buttigieg campaign returned fire.

“Senator Warren's idea of how to defeat Donald Trump is to tell people who don’t support her that they are unwelcome in the fight and that those who disagree with her belong in the other party. We need to move beyond the politics and divisiveness that is tearing this country apart and holding us back,” Buttigieg senior advisor Lis Smith said in a statement.


Buttigieg has also faced criticism from the left for an alleged lack of transparency about his work for McKinsey. He responded last week by releasing a summary of his work there and called on the company to release him from the nondisclosure agreement he had signed. It later did, and Buttigieg released a list of clients for whom he had worked.

His clients from 2007 to 2010 included Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield, Canadian grocery store and retail chain Loblaw’s, Best Buy; the NRDC, EPA and Department of Energy, together, for an energy project; environmental nonprofit the Energy Foundation, the Department of Defense working on building the economies of Irag and Afghanistan, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser and Morgan Phillips contributed to this report.

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