Vice President Pence addresses the National Association of Manufacturers

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the National Association of Manufacturers’ Winter 2020 Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, Friday, Feb. 14, 2020 . (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

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UPDATED 1:29 PM PT — Friday, February 14, 2020

The vice president delivered remarks to the National Association of Manufacturers, where commended the president for unleashing America’s energy. On Friday, Mike Pence spoke about the Trump administration’s efforts to put American workers first.

“Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, more than 90 percent of the regulations that the National Association of Manufacturers identified as hurting American manufacturing have already been cut or simplified,” he said. “Our administration is working for American manufacturers and workers across the country!”

He also touted the president’s signing of the USMCA, which is expected to create thousands of superior jobs for American factory workers. Pence said the administration will continue to educate workers and ensure Americans have the necessary skills for the jobs these new trade deals will create.

“American manufacturing has never had a greater champion in the oval office than President Donald Trump,” stated the vice president. “We’re going to keep working every day not just earn your confidence, but to give you confidence to invest, to know that this is a president that believes in growth.”

Pence reported 3.5 million Americans have rejoined the workforce under the Trump administration. He ended by thanking the companies for their continued support of the president.

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Vice President Mike Pence speaks out on 2020 election

Vice President Mike Pence speaks at a Cops for Trump campaign rally, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, in Portsmouth, N.H. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

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UPDATED 1:05 PM PT — Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence is saying the stakes in the 2020 election have never been higher, but the choice has never been clearer. During a recent interview, Pence said the leading candidate in the Democrat primary field is an “avowed socialist.”

He also said there are no true moderates in the Democrat field. He added when Americans head to the polls in November, they will have to choose between freedom and socialism.

“It will be a choice between the socialist policies, the big government, liberal policies…compared with a freedom agenda that President Trump and I are going to carry all across America,” stated the vice president. “I have no doubt in my mind when we offer people the choice between freedom and socialism, the American people are going to choose freedom again.”

He also said the progress the Trump administration has made over the last three years is incredible.

“Our economy is setting records,” he said. “We’ve the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, 7 million jobs created and the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for African Americans, Hispanic Americans.”

President Donald Trump arrives at SNHU Arena for a campaign rally, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Meanwhile, President Trump is confident he will win New Hampshire in November.

“With your help on November 3rd, we are going to defeat the radical socialist Democrats,” he said. “We are going to win New Hampshire in a landslide.”

Republicans in the Granite State came out in droves to give the president more than 120,000 votes in the first-in-the-nation primary.

“We have a great economy right now, and that’s what a lot of people focus on when they vote,” said one supporter. “So I think he’s the person to keep the country going in a good direction.”

He scored more than double the 49,000 votes former President Obama received in the state’s 2012 Democrat primary. Furthermore, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale pointed out the president “surpassed the New Hampshire primary vote total of every incumbent president running for reelection over the last four decades.”

President Trump touted his results on Twitter while slamming CNN and what he mockingly called “MSDNC.” He said they refuse to talk about his record setting votes in New Hampshire and Iowa, which is “why they are poorly rated fake news.”

President Donald Trump reacts to the audience cheering during a campaign rally, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

The president concluded his remarks by saying “I will win both states in November.”

“We are going to take back the House of Representatives, we are going to hold the Senate and we are going to keep the White House,” he said.

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Vice President Pence attends ‘Women for Trump’ rally in Pennsylvania

Vice President Mike Pence attends Wednesday’s rally in Pennsylvania. Photo via Mike Pence official Twitter.

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UPDATED 7:20 PM PT — Wednesday, February 5, 2020

On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a ‘Women for Trump’ event in Pennsylvania. While addressing hundreds of supporters, the vice president touted the administration’s success in lowering the unemployment rate among women.

“In this booming economy, women are leading the way,” he said. “Women are winning under the leadership of President Donald Trump.”

Pence added Pennsylvania is important in the 2020 election. He said a win would ensure four more years of jobs, economic growth and draining the swamp.

“Pennsylvania and America need four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House,” he said.

In 2016, the president narrowly won the state by less than one percent.

Photo via Mike Pence official Twitter.

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Vice President Pence praises President Trump’s leadership at ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ event

Vice President Mike Pence waves after speaking during an Evangelicals for Trump event in Sioux City, Iowa, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

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UPDATED 5:42 PM PT — Thursday, January 30, 2020

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke to dozens of Trump supporters at an ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ event in Sioux City, Iowa.

Pence began by touting President Trump’s decision to take out Iran’s top general.

“When American lives were threatened by the most dangerous terrorist in the world, President Donald Trump took action,” he said. “Qasem Soleimani is gone.”

He praised the president’s leadership and added Iran is standing down in the face of America’s strong and heroic military.

“Men and women of Iowa, that’s what leadership looks like,” said Pence. “That’s the strong and bold leadership of President Donald Trump.”

The vice president also spoke out about the impeachment proceedings. He said Democrats rushed their partisan impeachment through the House in a shameful attempt to overturn the will of the American people. He added they are pursuing impeachment because they know they can’t defeat President Trump.

“I really do believe that Democrats are trying to run down this president, because they know they can’t run against this president,” he said.

Pence went on to say the president will eventually win again in the November election.

“House Democrats had their say in December, Senate Republicans are going to have their say real soon,” stated the vice president. “Come November, Iowa, we’re going to have our say when we vote to send President Donald Trump back to the White House for four more years.”

Vice President Mike Pence speaks during an Evangelicals for Trump Event in Sioux City, Iowa, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Earlier the same day, the vice president also hosted a ‘Veterans for Trump’ event in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

“Our Admin has taken steps to ensure that our returning veterans can live the American Dream they fought so nobly to defend,” he said. “President Trump signed legislation to expand the GI Bill and eliminated every last penny of student debt owed by permanently disabled veterans.”

Pence went on to speak at President Trump’s ‘Keep America Great’ rally in Des Moines, where he drummed up enthusiasm for the commander in chief.

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Vice President Pence’s daughter speaks out on pro-life movement

Photo of Charlotte Pence Bond, Screengrab via Daily Caller official interview.

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UPDATED 12:30 PM PT — Saturday, January 25, 2020

Vice President Mike Pence’s daughter Charlotte is calling the pro-life movement pro-woman. During a recent interview, she said the pro-life movement can be a place of support and encouragement for women, especially for those who had abortions and feel guilt or depression as a result.

She also said being pro-choice sends a message of defeat to women who chose adoption or to become single mothers instead.

“Pro-life is pro-women. It can be a place that we encourage women, we don’t shame them. We point them in the right directions to make a decision that’s going to be better for them psychologically for the rest of their life.” – Charlotte Pence Bond, Daughter of Vice President Mike Pence

Pence Bond went on to say she was inspired by the president’s speech at the ‘March for Life’ event.

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Anti-abortion activists march with a banner and signs during the “March for Life” rally near the Supreme Court in Washington, Friday, Jan. 24, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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Pence calls on world leaders to confront Iran’s role in rise of anti-Semitism

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence speaks at the World Holocaust Forum marking 75 years since the liberation of the Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz, at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020. (Ronen Zvulun, Pool via AP)

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UPDATED 1:30 PM PT — Thursday, January 23, 2020

The U.S. is criticizing the Iranian regime for bolstering anti-Semitism and threatening the state of Israel. On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence joined world leaders in Jerusalem to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. He gave a speech at the event in which he discussed the importance of combating anti-Semitism’s global rise.

Studies showed the large increase in attacks against members of the Jewish faith in recent years have allowed anti-Semitism to become more mainstream in western cultures.

During his speech, Pence stressed that this hatred towards Jews needs to be stopped right away. He warned that its complacency helped bring about the horrors of the Holocaust. The vice president then called on world leaders to confront Iran’s role in perpetuating anti-Semitism in today’s world.

“We must also stand strong against the leading state purveyor of anti-Semitism, against the one government in the world that denies the Holocaust…and threatens to wipe Israel off the map,” stated Pence. “The world must stand strong against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech during the dedication of a monument honoring the veterans and victims of the siege of Leningrad in Jerusalem, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020. (Marc Israel Sellem/Pool Photo via AP)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the U.S. for standing up against what he called the “most anti-Semitic regime on the planet.”

“I am concerned that we have yet to see a unified and resolute stance against the most anti-Semitic regime on the planet. A regime that openly seeks to develop nuclear weapons and annihilate the one and only Jewish state. Israel salutes President Trump and Vice President Pence for confronting the tyrants of Tehran.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

The prime minister went on to say if the world learned one thing from Auschwitz, it was to stop bad things when they are small. He noted, Iran “is a very bad thing” that has the potential to become worse if the country obtains nuclear weapons.

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World leaders pose for a family photo during the World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020. (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP)

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Pence chief of staff not worried about Pelosi impeachment tactics: ‘She will yield’

closeMarc Short on impasse over impeachment on Capitol HillVideo

Marc Short on impasse over impeachment on Capitol Hill

Marc Short, chief of staff to Vice President Pence, joins Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday.'

Marc Short, chief of staff to Vice President Pence, showed confidence in the face of the current impeachment strategy being employed by House Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stating that, ultimately, he believes they will be the first ones to budge and move what he called a "political exercise" closer to its conclusion.

Pelosi and most of the other Democrats in the House approved two articles of impeachment against President Trump last week for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, yet they have sat on those articles instead of delivering them to the Senate for a trial. Pelosi has claimed that she is waiting for the Republican-controlled Senate to set the process for the trial before she appoints impeachment managers. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., pushes for the ability to issue subpoenas for additional witnesses and documents.


"I think her position is really untenable," Short told "Fox News Sunday," later predicting, "She will yield, there's no way she can hold this position."

Short also questioned why Democrats feel the need to include additional witnesses in the first place, given the swift and decisive nature of the impeachment itself.

"If her case is so airtight that she said, that she had to ram it through and it's undeniable, why does she need more witnesses to make her case?" he asked.

Ultimately, Short said he thinks the impeachment is "a political exercise to placate the radical left of their base," and that it is "going nowhere."


Later in the program, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., addressed the delay in the delivery of the articles of impeachment, claiming that while she does not know what the House's time frame will be, the present timeline is nothing out of the ordinary.

She pointed out that President Bill Clinton was impeached on Dec. 19, and the House did not appoint their managers until Jan. 6, after Congress returned from the holiday break. She does not believe the current Senate would move any faster, regardless of how quickly the House moved.

"Did you really think the United States Senate was going to start this trial before January 6?" she asked.

Host Chris Wallace pointed out that Pelosi is hoping to use her delay to give Shumer leverage in his discussions with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who has accused Pelosi of having "cold feet."


Dingell responded to that by criticizing McConnell, who has stated that he is "not an impartial juror."

"I don't call that a fair and impartial hearing," she said.

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