Tim Burchett to Newsmax TV: Twitter ‘Notorious’ for Censorship

Tim Burchett to Newsmax TV: Twitter 'Notorious' for Censorship Rep. Tim Burchett. (Ken Cedeno-Pool/Getty)

By Theodore Bunker | Monday, 17 May 2021 04:58 PM

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., told Newsmax TV’s “John Bachman Now” on Monday that Twitter is “notorious” for censoring conservatives after Twitter took down a clip of his interview on Newsmax TV last week where he said he didn't know who actress Chrissy Teigen was and that he "wouldn’t get in an electric chair to have a chili dog with her."

Host John Bachman noted that “when we tried to play this video, it said the media could not be played. Congressman Burchett later tried to share the same video with a different caption and it was then allowed.”

Burchett said, “obviously Twitter didn't like it. They must be big Chrissy Teigen fans. Honestly, I wouldn't know her if she walked up and said hello to me… everybody in the media is all concerned about these folks who’re famous for being famous and in Tennessee that doesn't cut it.”

He went on to accuse Twitter of being “notorious for this.

"They censored [Tennessee GOP Sen.] Marsha Blackburn when she first announced she was running for the Senate because of her pro-life using the statements she made on abortion, and obviously she has a bigger following on Twitter than Tim Burchett does, but I'm working on it."

“I had over 50,000 followers and then the great purge, as they say, they dropped me down about 5,000," he said.

"I was talking to my friend [Ohio GOP Rep.] Jim Jordan on the House floor and I was telling him about it, and I think he said they dropped him about a quarter of a million. So I guess I'm in good company.”

The congressman later condemned what he called “this wokatopia we've been handed all the sudden. It's just going crazy and Twitter is that at the helm of that, they'd better be really careful because the Democrats, the liberals need to wake up because next it's gonna be them and then it's gonna be too late. They’re provided certain protections under the law, as you well know, and at some point, we're gonna revisit that and I’m afraid those very woke people and Twitter are going to realize they made an incredibly bad error.”

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