Trafalgar Poll: Pennsylvania Senate GOP Primary Tight 3-Way Race

Trafalgar Poll: Pennsylvania Senate GOP Primary Tight 3-Way Race Dr. Mehmet Oz (Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Monday, 09 May 2022 11:42 AM

The trio of leaders in Pennsylvania's Senate GOP primary gained support after the debate on Newsmax last Wednesday, but there was a reshuffling behind narrow leader Dr. Mehmet Oz in the latest Trafalgar Group poll.

Dr. Oz fended off attacks from his top challengers in the debate and still holds a lead, but Kathy Barnette and David McCormick are within the margin of error. The poll also comes after former President Donald Trump stumped for Dr. Oz, who he has endorsed, with a Save America rally Friday night, which also aired live on Newsmax.

Full poll results, released Sunday:

  1. Dr. Oz 24.5%.
  2. Barnette 23.2%.
  3. McCormick 21.6%.
  4. Jeff Bartos 7.2%.
  5. Carla Sands 6.5%.
  6. Sean Gale 1.1%.
  7. George Bochetto 0.8%.

A total of 15.1% of likely Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary voters were still undecided before the final tally May 17.

The movement from the past month's edition of the Trafalgar poll shows Barnette with the most momentum after the Newsmax debate, with Sands losing the most ground. McCormick dropped from second place, despite adding support and gaining slight ground on the leader Oz.

Movement since last month in percentage points:

  • Barnette +4.8 points.
  • McCormick +1.9 points.
  • Oz +1.8 points.
  • Gale +0.3 points.
  • Bartos -0.5 points.
  • Bochetto -1.7 points.
  • Undecideds -1.9 points.
  • Sands -4.7 points.

The Trafalgar Group, which accurately predicted J.D. Vance's victory in the Ohio Senate GOP primary last week, polled 1,080 likely Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary voters May 6-8. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.99 percentage points.

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