Trump Allies Fear FBI Raid Sparked by ‘Flipped’ Aide

Trump Allies Fear FBI Raid Sparked by 'Flipped' Aide Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump. (AP)

By Eric Mack | Wednesday, 10 August 2022 11:34 AM EDT

A close aide or former aide of Donald Trump might have "flipped," leading to the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, sources told Axios on Wednesday.

The raid, apparently tied to documents at Mar-a-Lago, might have been predicated on sensitive information given to an FBI informant, according to the report.

Officials told CBS News on Wednesday investigators took boxes and documents from Mar-a-Lago but did not take any electronic devices.

Trump has also alleged officials wanted to conduct the search without witnesses and Eric Trump even said the FBI urged Mar-a-Lago to turn off the security cameras — a request that was denied.

Also, a Trump lawyer told CBS News, Trump's bedroom, office, and a basement storage area were the three focal points of the search conducted while lawyers were forced outside.

Another Trump lawyer, Christina Bobb, said two to three dozen basement storage boxes were searched and several items were taken by officials. The boxes were shown to FBI investigators in June and Bobb said Trump officials were warned they were not properly secured.

A padlock was added, but FBI investigators broke that lock during their raid anyway, according to Bobb.

About a dozen boxes were seized by officials, she added, according to Axios.

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