Trump Appears at Churchill Downs

Trump Appears at Churchill Downs donald trump (Getty Images)

Saturday, 07 May 2022 07:10 PM

Former President Donald Trump arrived at Churchill Downs for his $75,000-per-person fundraiser around 6 p.m. His entrance was shielded from the general public and the press. He was ushered into the track through a side hallway that had been used by caterers and staff, where his entourage erected an American flag and a Kentucky flag to greet him.

Before he arrived, staff pulled curtains to corral the press and public away, guarded by FBI agents in camouflage with automatic rifles.

Whispers of Trump’s arrival passed through the crowd that backed up for 20 minutes. Some shouted his name, “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Others seemed irritated at the delay.

“This is ridiculous,” one woman grumbled.

Some got a glimpse of the former President through a short break in the curtains and a rumbled passed through the crowd.

Some cheered, some booed as the former president was whisked up to the high-priced clubhouses on the upper floors.

Then the curtains parted and everyone went on their way.

The details of Trump’s event, including who is in attendance were not made public.