Trump: Boycott ‘Radical Left Lunatics’ of AT&T, DirecTV, ‘Concast’

Trump: Boycott 'Radical Left Lunatics' of AT&T, DirecTV, 'Concast' a tee and tee logo (Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 30 January 2022 03:39 PM

Former President Donald Trump reiterated his calls for boycotts of platforms seeking to suppress and cancel conservative voices, saying AT&T just could not "put up with" how popular conservative network OAN had become.

"AT&T is closing the very popular One America News Network (OAN) because too many people are watching," Trump wrote in a Save America PAC statement Sunday. "They couldn't put up with that any longer.

"Conservatives/Republicans should boycott DirecTV, and while you're at it, 'Concast's' Xfinity as well. These are Radical Left Lunatics who are destroying our nation!"

Trump's remarks echo his calls for those boycotts at his Conroe, Texas, rally Saturday night, which aired on Newsmax.

"If they shut down OAN, you should boycott AT&T and DirecTV," Trump told the crowd, which he billed as the largest political rally in the history of the state of Texas. "You should, if they shut it down.

"People love it, and it's got a big audience. It's purely political."

At his Florence, Arizona, rally two weeks ago, Trump joked he would not call for a boycott, but he went a step further Saturday night.

"And while you're at it, boycott Comcast and XFINITY, while you're at it," Trump said. "I call it Concast, because it's a con job.

"Because they're no good. They're just no good, and there's so bad for our country."

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