Trump: Dems’ Transgender Push ‘Destroys’ Equity for Women

Trump: Dems' Transgender Push 'Destroys' Equity for Women a race showing a transgender crossing the finish line in the connecticut state meet before a girl who was a champion

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 29 May 2021 07:30 PM

Democrats are pushing transgender rights, but it is ultimately flying against the grain of President Joe Biden's "equity" agenda, violating women's rights under Title IX, and "destroying women's sports," according to former President Donald Trump on Newsmax.

"This is insane and it's going to destroy women's sports," Trump told Saturday's "Dick Morris Democracy" in an exclusive Newsmax interview. "Who's going to – how do you compete?

"It's so ridiculous. I can't even believe we've got to have a conversation about it, actually."

Morris brought the conversation up because the Biden administration's Justice Department has dropped support for Connecticut girls who rose a lawsuit against the state for permitting transgender participation in girl's sports.

"It's insane; it's very unfair to women," Trump said, echoing the point of famous transgender former Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner "It's going to destroy women's sports, if it hasn't already done it.

"You look at some states, every single record is held by a person who was a man just a little while ago."

Trump referenced the case his administration's DOJ supported before Biden's DOJ dropped it, Chelsea Mitchell.

"Women aren't going to be able to compete," Trump said, also lamenting the movement to permit "young kids" getting taxpayer-funded gender reassignment healthcare.

"Young kids getting it, beyond young; it's ridiculous," Trump said.

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