Trump: ‘I Have TRUTH on My Side’

Trump: 'I Have TRUTH on My Side' Trump: 'I Have TRUTH on My Side' Former President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

By Nick Koutsobinas | Saturday, 13 August 2022 01:56 PM EDT

In light of the recent FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate, former President Donald Trump announced that he would be "victorious" because he has "TRUTH" on his side.

"Like all of the other Hoaxes and Scams that they've used to try and silence the voice of a vast majority of the American People, I have TRUTH on my side, and when you have TRUTH, you will ultimately be victorious," Trump said in a statement on Saturday.

The former president, who, in the past, has alluded to a 2024 run at the presidency, added, "just received the strongest poll numbers I have ever gotten, and the largest amount of campaign contributions from the 'people.' The public gets the 'Scam,' but this time much earlier than all of the others!"

In a series of statements, Trump ended with, "Make America Great again!"

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