Trump: ‘I Never Called Mike Pence a Wimp’; He’s ‘No Thomas Jefferson’

Trump: 'I Never Called Mike Pence a Wimp'; He's 'No Thomas Jefferson' (Newsmax/YouTube)

By Eric Mack | Friday, 17 June 2022 03:19 PM

Former Vice President Mike Pence was a hot topic before the House Jan. 6 Select Committee this week for the debate of him having the power to send the Electoral College votes back to the state.

Former President Donald Trump told the Faith and Freedom Coalition on Friday, doing that would have made Pence a modern-day Thomas Jefferson.

"I said to Mike, if you do this, you could be Thomas Jefferson," Trump told the Road to Majority Policy Conference at Nashville, Tennessee's Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in a speech that aired live on Newsmax.

"And then after it all went down, I looked at him one day, and I said, 'Mike, hate to say this, but you ain't no Thomas Jefferson.'"

The crowd laughed and Trump joked his speech remarks will be another day of the Jan. 6 hearings.

Trump fired his ire at the committee, and rejected a hearing claim he mocked Pence as "a wimp" for not kicking the Electoral College vote certifying President Joe Biden's election back to the states.

"I never called Mike Pence a wimp," Trump said. "I never called him a wimp, Mike Pence. Had a chance to be great. He had a chance to be frankly, historic.

"But just like [former Attorney General] Bill Barr and the rest of these weak people – Mike and I say it sadly, because I like them – but Mike did not have the courage to act. Bill Barr was afraid of certain things, and you know what they were: 'Please don't impeach me. Don't impeach me.'

"'Bill Barr, please,' I said. 'What's wrong with being impeach? I was impeached twice and my poll numbers went up.'

"I don't want to be impeached, sir. I don't want to be impeached. The election was perfect, so it's perfect. It was so good. The election was perfect.'"

"And the Democrats are sitting back saying, 'no way we're gonna impeach this guy,'" Trump joked, calling Pence "a human conveyor belt" for the Electoral College votes before the joint session of Congress.

"Nah, it's terrible, but Mike was afraid of whatever he was afraid of, but as you heard a year and a half ago: Mike Pence had absolutely no choice, but to be a human conveyor belt," Trump continued. "He was a human conveyor belt.

"Even if the votes were fraudulent, they said he had to send the votes. Couldn't do anything. And I said, 'Well, what happens when you have more votes than you had voters?'

"'Doesn't it matter! It doesn't matter doesn't,'" Trump concluded. "Nothing matters."


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