Trump Jr. Appears on Debut of ‘Cortez & Pellegrino,’ Calls Biden Administration ‘Laughable’

Trump Jr. Appears on Debut of 'Cortes & Pellegrino,' Calls Biden Administration 'Laughable' don trump jr speaks in front of flags (Newsmax TV/"Cortes & Pellegrino")

By Brian Trusdell | Tuesday, 11 May 2021 09:15 PM

Donald Trump Jr. called the Biden administration “laughable” and told Newsmax TV that President Joe Biden has created a “disaster,” saying the country would be better off just returning to the policies of his father.

Appearing on very first installment of “Cortes & Pellegrino” on Tuesday, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization and the son of the former president, cited a laundry list of policy changes by the Biden administration he said have been failures.

“You had four Middle East peace deals and look at what's going on in Israel right now,” Trump said. “You had American energy independence, and now we have gas lines and gas shortages all over the country. You have the Russians hacking a pipeline, supposedly. You have a crisis at the border that that wasn't a crisis. It's pretty laughable.

“I mean Joe Biden, they're giving him all this credit because he inherited Trump's vaccine and the Trump vaccine plan. The reality is he hasn't done anything, so I'd go to those [previous] policies. He's created a disaster frankly, and you know, the media is happy to turn a blind eye to what's actually going on.”

Trump referred to the recent spate of rocket attacks out of the Gaza Strip into Israel and retaliatory airstrikes by the Israel Defense Forces, the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline along the East Coast that was tied to a ransomware attacks has drastically cut fuel shipments, and a record surge in illegal migrants crossing the southeastern border for the last several months.

“Our enemies are laughing at us because, you know, our FBI, our CIA, our president, they're more concerned about checking off a bunch of woke talking points than they are actually doing what they're supposed to be doing for the American people,” Trump said.

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