Trump Lawyer Habba to Newsmax: President Not Fazed by FBI Raid

Trump Lawyer Habba to Newsmax: President Not Fazed by FBI Raid

By Solange Reyner | Saturday, 13 August 2022 02:16 PM EDT

Donald Trump’s lawyer says the former president is not fazed by the FBI raid of his Florida estate.

“He’s honestly, like, ‘It’s Monday afternoon I guess my house is getting raided,” Alina Habba told Newsmax 's “Saturday Report.”

“Every day I come in with some new bad news. … Unfortunately, he’s desensitized and fortunately, because he lives his life every day under this amount of pressure and under this amount of criticism and fake news, frankly.

“He is a very resilient man who should run for president again because he’s not shaking hands with no one. He’s got his faculties, he’s brilliant and he’s energized.”

The FBI on Monday raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in search of evidence in a national security investigation about the mishandling of classified documents.

The agency recovered 11 sets of classified documents from its search, including some materials marked “top secret/SCI.”

Trump, disclosing the search in a lengthy statement, asserted that agents had opened up a safe at his home and described their work as an “unannounced raid” that he likened to “prosecutorial misconduct.”

Habba said the documents were declassified documents.

“They were being given to NARA, given to the DOJ, given to the FBI in coordination with the president, with his attorneys that are handling this issue. I think that like anything else I would assume this is fake news. It’s pretext. We have midterm elections coming up. The president is leading in the polls. Just like the Russia hoax in 2016, which I am vehemently fighting against Hillary Clinton, it’s always a convenient time to have a raid on a former president and break all the rules on anything and anyone else because it’s Donald Trump,” she told Newsmax.


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