Trump Lawyers Meet with DOJ in Sealed Court Hearing

Trump Lawyers Meet with DOJ in Sealed Court Hearing (Newsmax)

By Brian Pfail | Thursday, 27 October 2022 04:11 PM EDT

Former President Donald Trump's attorneys met with prosecutors spearheading the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation Thursday morning in Washington, D.C.

The attorneys for Trump, prosecutor Julie Edelstein, and several attorneys from the Justice Department were seen heading into a proceeding before Chief Judge Beryl Howell.

Although the seizure took place in Florida, prosecutors met in D.C. probably to utilize a vastly more left-leaning population for a grand jury, as CNN alluded to.

Trump has repeatedly challenged the search and seizure at Mar-a-Lago. In August he made his case before judges in Florida, but it appears a federal grand jury in D.C. is handling the criminal investigation into obstruction of justice and mishandling of records, including national security secrets.

A close adviser to Trump, Kash Patel, was designated to work with the records. Two weeks prior, he appeared before the grand jury and plead the Fifth Amendment, declining to answer.

The Justice Department has also been demanding sensitive materials in Trump's possession be returned to the federal government. Some of the documentation is part of an under-seal court proceeding.

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