Trump: Musk ‘Bullsh*t Artist’ on Twitter Deal, Not Voting for Trump

Trump: Musk 'Bullsh*t Artist' on Twitter Deal, Not Voting for Trump (Newsmax)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 10 July 2022 10:24 AM EDT

Taking a bow for calling his shot on Elon Musk's Twitter deal failing, former President Donald Trump ripped the world's richest man as a "bullsh*t artist," suggesting the move to buy Twitter was a ruse.

Also, Trump called Musk a liar for saying he has never voted for a Republican.

"Elon! Elon is not going to buy Twitter," Trump told his Anchorage, Alaska, Save America rally, which aired live on Newsmax.

"Where did you hear that before? From me."

A Trump supporter shouted from a "fake account."

"'From a fake account,' she says, fake, a lot of them," Trump continued, pointing to Musk's pretext for pulling out of his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter because his team could not verify the amount of accounts that are fake or bots. "No, he's got himself a mess."

Trump noted Musk has either lied to the world about never having voted for a Republican, or to him.

"You know, he said the other day, 'I've never voted for a Republican,'" Trump said. "I said I didn't know that. He told me he voted for me.

"So he's another bullshit artist, but he's not going to be buying it. He's not going to be buying it. Although he might later, who the hell knows what's going to happen? He's got a pretty rotten contract. I looked at his contract, not a good contract.

"Sign up for Truth. We love the Truth."

Trump began this off-the-script moment by vowing to bring Republicans back into the majority in Congress and to investigate and root out "left-wing censorship" in the media.

"Another one of our highest priorities under a Republican Congress will be to stop left-wing censorship and to restore free speech in America," Trump said. "And go out – by the way while I'm here – and sign up now for Truth Social.

"It's hot as a pistol and you see that I called that one right," Trump said, before taking a bow on his past Save America rally prediction Musk would never carry through on buying Twitter.


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