Trump No Longer in Contempt After Manhattan Judge Lifts Order

Trump No Longer in Contempt After Manhattan Judge Lifts Order Donald Trump Former President Donald Trump. (Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

By Nicole Wells | Thursday, 30 June 2022 12:33 PM EDT

Donald Trump is no longer in contempt of court, after a New York judge lifted a contempt order placed against the former president for failing to supply subpoenaed documents to the New York State Attorney General's Office as part of an ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization.

The Washington Examiner reports that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron ruled on Wednesday that Trump has met the required conditions for the contempt order to be lifted after the 45th president paid $110,000 in fines to New York Attorney General Letitia James' office. The money will be held in escrow while Trump appeals the judge's original contempt order from April 25.

"Although we are pleased that the court has lifted the contempt finding, we maintain that it was wholly unwarranted and improper in the first place," Alina Habba, a lawyer representing Trump said. "We will push ahead with our appeal to secure justice for our client."

Engoron said that Trump missed a March 31 deadline to comply with the subpoena from James' office and began charging him $10,000 per day on April 26, according to the New York Post.

In early May, the judge pressed pause when Trump's legal team submitted 66 pages, detailing their search for the subpoenaed documents, including records of his annual financial statements and development projects.

According to the Examiner, the former president's lawyers have repeatedly argued that he does not have the documents that were requested.

James launched her investigation into Trump's business dealings in 2019, after ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen testified before Congress that his longtime boss improperly manipulated asset valuations for loan, insurance and tax purposes.

Trump has frequently called James' probe a "witch hunt" and has consistently denied allegations of wrongdoing, filing a lawsuit in federal court to halt it.

Beginning July 15, Trump is slated to testify in James' investigation, along with his adult children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., after being ordered to sit for a deposition in February, according to the Examiner.

They had initially appealed the deposition order but left the document request unchallenged, which allowed the court to compel them to comply.

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