Trump Not Looking to Make GOP ‘Be the Party of Trump’

Trump Not Looking to Make GOP 'Be the Party of Trump' Trump Not Looking to Make GOP 'Be the Party of Trump' Former President Donald Trump addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 2021. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 16 May 2021 10:25 AM

Former President Donald Trump will remain active in helping the Republican Party adopt the policies that made his administration and movement strong, but he said "it's not about me, it's about the country": policy and not personality.

"I'm not looking to have it be the party of Trump," Trump told Rita Crosby on 77 WABC FM-N.Y. in a wide-ranging interview Thursday night. "I'm looking to have a great country.

"I'm looking to have a country that is run by people that know what they're doing, and we had it going, and then they had a fraudulent election."

Trump told Crosby his immediate focus is on supporting like-minded Republicans running for reelection in 2022, before making a final decision on a run for 2024 after the midterm elections.

"I'm loving what I do, and I'm loving the results that we've had, and I think people will be very happy with my decision," he told Crosby at the end of a 31-minute radio interview.

"I will tell you, I love the results that we've had. I've done a great job for the American people. I think they understand that."

Trump added to Crosby's listeners to "stay tuned."

"We've done a real job and I look forward to making people very happy," he said.

"We'll have a lot of fun together and we'll do a great job for our country."

Even before going on the 2022 campaign trail for America First Republicans, Trump vows to thoroughly investigate election fraud and be a vocal opposition to the damage of President Joe Biden's agenda.

"It was a fraudulent election, and people are very unhappy about it," Trump said. "And now look at what's happening with the borders, and with all of the other problems that we've got, that we should have never had."

Biden's border moves were particularly appalling to Trump.

"They just took everything and just destroyed it in literally a matter of days," he said.

"It's a very, it's a very sad thing for our country to watch, and to see. We stopped a lot of the drugs coming in, because when we sealed up the border that helped this country with drugs, but now they're coming in at a level that they've never come in before. They've never had anything like what's happening right now. We had it sealed."

Biden's multiple crisis in his first few months are "self-created" by a wanton destruction of the polices Trump had put in place and a "lack of leadership" that is "crazy to watch," Trump added.

"I just think it's incompetence, and nobody can be happy with what's happening at our border," he continued. "I don't care whether you're liberal or whether you're conservative, whether you're Democrat, Republican, nobody can be happy. I don't believe that. This is what they want. And now they've lost control. And by the way, it's not easy to just turn it off."

Energy is one of the most disconcerting developments for Trump, who laments Biden's unwinding of his work to make America energy independent.

"It's absolute madness: We were energy independent, and now, soon, very shortly, we won't be," he said."I'd like to see not for me, but for the country, you'd like to see energy independence has always been a big thing. I got it done. For the first time ever we were; we didn't need anybody's energy."

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