Trump: People ‘Knowingly Destroying Our Country’ Under Biden

Trump: People 'Knowingly Destroying Our Country' Under Biden Trump: People 'Knowingly Destroying Our Country' Under Biden (Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 02 December 2021 11:38 AM

As President Joe Biden's crises pile up, former President Donald Trump blasted the administration's policies on its supply chain woes, massive crime wave, illegal immigration, energy, inflation, Afghanistan, COVID-19, and vaccine mandates.

"We have a group of people," Trump told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning. "I don't know if it's Biden. It might not be. But we have a group of people that are destroying our country and perhaps knowingly destroying our country."

Trump lamented Biden's unwinding of energy independence and push for Green New Deal energy initiatives in massive infrastructure and social spending Build Back Better bill programs that he says are taking the country's greatest strength out from under our feet.

"They want to go all electric, but doing that is going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people – they don't want to go that way," Trump continued. "They are taking our greatest asset under its, it's right under our feet. We are blessed as a country with tremendous energy reserves under our feet."

Trump was most incredulous about the mass crime waves overtaking Democrat-run cities throughout America, as Democrats have sought to handcuff policing and make our people and business less safe.

"We have a country that has no law enforcement, has no law and order," Trump said, pointing to San Francisco allowing mass looting of high-end retailers. "Our police are great. They're not allowed to do their jobs and they're now being hit. People aren't even afraid. They go and shoot police. They don't respect them.

"The people of our country love our police, and they do respect them, but they're not allowed to do their job. If you allowed them to do their job, that would stop and crime would stop."

Crime is the most obvious way to see the destruction coming from the Biden administration, Trump added.

"Our country is being destroyed," he said. "It should never be allowed to happen. The police have to be given their power back, they have to stop the crime, they can do it, and they want to do it, but they're not allowed to do it."

The border patrol agents are handcuffed by the Biden regime in attempting to secure our borders, too, particularly as the COVID-19 that Biden vowed to shut down continues to rage with death far greater than the year before, Trump noted.

"It is a disaster," he said. "We have millions of people flowing across [the border] and we're not only talking about the China virus, or COVID, whatever you want to call it, we're talking about many other diseases coming over the border that are far worse, coming over the border, and nobody is being tested, nobody is being checked."

The hypocrisy of permitting unvaccinated illegals into our country, while mandating vaccines for our healthcare and supply chain workers further rankles Trump.

"There was just a great distrust of what they were saying and what they were doing, and I think that's the problem," Trump said of vaccine hesitancy that has Biden forcing mandates on Americans – while not on illegals.

"And that's why they're trying to set up mandates and really hurting things with the economy with the mandates, in addition to other things."

All the chaos and destruction, particularly with the failed and deadly Afghanistan troops withdrawal has shown weak and incompetent leadership to the world, most egregiously our enemies, according to Trump.

"There's never been a lower point in the history of our country and don't think that China and Russia and North Korea and Iran weren't watching," he said.

When asked if he might tone down his forceful leadership style in a potential 2024 campaign to return to the White House, Trump said of his past tweets and bold talk "It's such an interesting question. … I had to move fast. Our country was in bad shape. I had to move fast. Some of the niceties — let's sit down and let's talk very calm — I had to get things going fast.

"I can be as nice as anybody. I think I'm a nice person, but we had to move quickly, and sometimes, you have to break the eggs a little bit."

And, finally, in an interesting rebuke of "more fake news," Trump shot down reports former first lady Melania Trump would not rejoin him in the White House if he were to win election in 2024.

"No, that's not true," Trump shot back quickly. "That's interesting, more fake news. That's not true."

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