Trump Pumps $750K for New Ad to Help Herschel Walker

Trump Pumps $750K for New Ad to Help Herschel Walker

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 09 October 2022 10:44 AM EDT

Amid a week of smears in a contentious Senate race in the purple state of Georgia, GOP Sen.-nominee Herschel Walker is getting a $750,000 boost from former President Donald Trump, Politico reported.

Trump has long endorsed his friend for the Senate, but this is the first true investment in the race from his new MAGA Inc. PAC, according to Politico.

The funds went to a new ad, attacking Democrats and Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., for helping America lose its way, albeit without mentioning Walker.

"From D-Day to drag queen story time, America has lost its way," the ad begins. "Radical Democrats are indoctrinating our children to hate America — opening our borders and crushing working people with taxes."

The 30-second ad reminds Georgia voters that Warnock "votes with Biden 96% of the time."

"Chaos at the border, crime in our neighborhoods, a collapsing economy – Biden and Warnock did that," the ad continues, using the phrase used on gas-pump stickers than point the finger at Biden for energy policy that has caused the price of gas to skyrocket.

"Take our country back. Defeat Raphael Warnock."

Walker has been attacked this week with reports he allegedly paid for an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion, which flies in the face of his position on abortion restrictions.

"This is just textbook 101 for the Democrats," Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., told Hugh Hewitt's podcast. "They know they're going to lose. Herschel Walker is running a good race. He's a great candidate."

Scott, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, noted President Joe Biden's struggling economy is unpopular to run on, so they lean on abortion and old political smear campaigns.

"Raphael Warnock is Joe Biden, and you know, it's just lies, cheat, and smear: That's what the Democrats do," Scott told Hewitt. "They did it to Brett Kavanaugh. They did it to Clarence Thomas. They're doing it to Herschel Walker. But he's going to win, and so we're going to win in Georgia."

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