Trump: Radical Left Is Against ‘Guns, God, and Oil’

Trump: Radical Left Is Against 'Guns, God, and Oil' (Newsmax/YouTube)

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 09 July 2022 10:16 PM EDT

Striking a contrast with Democrats, particularly in the traditionally red state of Alaska, former President Donald Trump hailed his Make America Great Again and America First platform ideals on "guns, God, and oil."

"So they're against guns, god and oil — I'm in favor of guns, God and oil," Trump told the Alaska Airlines Center crowd in Anchorage, Alaska, on Saturday night at his rally, which aired live on Newsmax.

Trump blasted Democrats attacks on the Second Amendment, religious freedom, and Trump administration-delivered "energy independence."

"The radical left Democrat Party is not a 50% party within our country," Trump said at the lively rally. "They're against God. They're against oil. They're against guns. They're against law enforcement. They're against voter I.D. Who's against voter I.D.?"

Trump called Democrats' election reform battles a pathway to "cheat" on American elections.

"There is only one reason you can be against voter I.D.: because you want to cheat," he continued. "There's no other reason."

Trump then ticked off a number of myriad contrasts with Democrats in these midterm elections.

"They're against tax cuts, deregulation," he added. "They're against the Constitution. They hate the Constitution, and they hate our Founding Fathers.

"Other than that, they're quite nice."

Trump questioned how can Democrats possibly win with these so-called ideals.

"I really like the way they win with all these policies," Trump said. "How can they win? I always said they're not 50-50. They cheat in elections."

Trump noted he is often told, "What a horrible thing to say about our republic," when he rips the American electoral process.

"Let me tell you, they cheat in elections," Trump said, adding a rebuke for Democrat-run areas like New York City that attempted to permit noncitizens to vote.

"I say it like it is," Trump said. "That's why we must pass critical election integrity reforms, including universal voter I.D., citizenship confirmation. Can you believe it: [They say] 'We don't want citizenship confirmation.'

"Oh, really? They don't want citizenship [confirmation]. What's that all about? You don't have to be a citizen to vote. No more fake drop boxes. Thank you, Wisconsin. No private money pouring into local election offices. No ranked choice, Kelly [Tshibaka]. No ranked-choice voting, which can be crooked as hell."


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