Trump Responds to Hearing With Video of Democrats Refusing Defeat

Trump Responds to Hearing With Video of Democrats Refusing Defeat donald trump claps hands at a rally Former President Donald Trump (Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 22 July 2022 09:07 AM EDT

Former President Donald Trump overnight shared a video montage showing 10 minutes of Democrats, ranging from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, denying the results of elections, including several who questioned his win in 2016.

The video, titled "10 Minutes of Democrats Denying Election Results" was a compilation he shared on his Truth Social page, and came from the website Rumble. It came at the end of several other posts the former president was making during the hearing, including one in which he said that "I had an election Rigged and Stolen from me, and our Country. The USA is going to Hell. Am I supposed to be happy?"

Trump's posts, and the video, came after the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attacks at the Capitol — which Trump calls the "Unselect" Committee — held its eighth hearing Thursday night.

In the prime-time hearing, the last before the committee resumes in September, testimony was presented accusing Trump of dereliction of duty for not stopping what was happening that day, reports The New York Times.

The testimony, over the three hours, outlined a case that during the incidents, Trump was in a dining room near the Oval Office, where he watched televised reports of what was happening at the Capitol and rejected pleas from aides, staff, and congressional Republicans to stop the violence that was unfolding. The testimony also said he was calling senators to try to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College results.

The video Trump posted early Friday first shows Clinton commenting after her loss to Trump in 2016 that "you can run the best campaign, you can even become the nominee and you can have the election stolen from you."

It goes on to several key Democrats, mainly questioning his 2016 win and blaming the victory on Russian interference:

  • Vice President Kamala Harris: Agreed with a show host's contention that Trump was an "illegitimate president that didn't really win."
  • President Joe Biden: Agreed with an audience member that Trump was not a legitimate president.
  • Former President Jimmy Carter: Maintained that Trump did not win in 2016 and that he was "put into office because the Russians interfered."

The video also shows political figures questioning former President George W. Bush's win over Al Gore, including Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe saying that if all Florida's votes had been counted, Gore would have been elected.

Others featured in the video while questioning election results included Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., saying people are "very worried that when they cast a ballot on an electric voting machine that there is no paper trail to record that vote" and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, saying that "we cannot declare that the election of 2004 was free and clear" and that there must be "independent testing of the voting machines" in Ohio, after President George W. Bush's win over Democrat nominee John Kerry.

The video wraps with Harris declaring that Abrams would be the governor in Georgia, and with Abrams commenting that she stands by her decision to not concede she lost the race.

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