Trump Slams Piers Morgan’s ‘Doctored’ Interview

Trump Slams Piers Morgan's 'Doctored' Interview donald trump speaks at a rally Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally near Washington, Michigan, on April 2. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

By Jeffrey Rodack | Thursday, 21 April 2022 09:50 AM

Donald Trump is blasting Piers Morgan for being part of the "fake news media" after a preview of an interview the former president had with the British television host was released.

"Piers Morgan, like the rest of the Fake News Media, attempted to unlawfully and deceptively edit his long and tedious interview with me," Trump said in a statement released on Wednesday.

"He wanted to make it look like I walked out on the interview when my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour," he continued. "The good news is that the interview was taped by us as a means of keeping him honest. The interview was actually very strong on the 2020 Election Fraud, with me calling him 'a fool' if he truly believed those results. The evidence is massive and irrefutable [check out Truth the Vote and the Dinesh D'Souza documentary, which will all be coming out soon]. For those who want to make Piers look bad, compare his video promo and how it was doctored to the real thing. Hopefully they will now be doing some big changes to their final product. It just shows, however, what I have to deal with in the Fake News Media. He went out of his way to deceptively edit an interview and got caught. That is a big story, isn't it?"

According to the New York Post, the preview clip shows the former president becoming increasingly frustrated with questions posed by Morgan. A copy of the clip was posted by Politico.

"I think I'm a very honest man … much more honest than you, actually," Trump is seen saying on the clip.

"Really?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah," Trump responded.

At one point in the clip, an announcer calls it "the most explosive interview of the year." The clip ends with Trump getting out of his chair and saying: "Turn the camera off."

But Trump, in his statement, also pointed to an audio clip of the ending of the interview posted by Breitbart.

According to NBC News the two men can be heard thanking each other and laughing at the end of the interview.

"That was a great interview," Morgan is heard saying.

"Yeah," Trump says.

"Thank you very much. I really appreciate it," Morgan adds before Trump says, "Turn the camera off."

Morgan interviewed Trump for Talk TV, which is set to debut on Monday, according to NBC News.

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