Trump: ‘Texas Is Never, Ever Turning Blue’

Trump: 'Texas Is Never, Ever Turning Blue' trump speaks to one of his campaign rallies Former President Donald Trump (Patrick Semansky/AP)

By Eric Mack | Saturday, 29 January 2022 08:43 PM

Former President Donald Trump returned to the Texas on Saturday, vowing the largest Republican-led state in the U.S. "will never, ever turn blue."

"Our country is angry and our country wants to be respected again," Trump told his latest Save America rally in Conroe, Texas. "Hello, Texas, it's great to be back in this great, wonderful beautiful state with thousands of proud American patriots who believe in family and freedom, God and country.

"And by the way, oil and guns – unlike the Democrats."

Trump has yet to officially declare a 2024 presidential campaign, but he is keeping the momentum with campaign-style rallies.

"Where you would rather be on a Saturday night than a Trump rally in the state of Texas?" Trump asked a crowd, which he called the "biggest ever of its kind" in the state.

Trump kicked off his excoriation of President Joe Biden's administration on the border, as he focuses his energy on the Ukraine border as Russia's Vladimir Putin is building on forces on the boarder in a standoff to keep Ukraine out of NATO.

"Everyone in Washington is obsessing over how to protect Ukraine's border, but the most important border in the world right now for us is not Ukraine's border; it's America's border," Trump said. "And we do nothing about it, but let people come in, and we have no idea who they are.

"The first duty of the American president is to defend the American border. Before our leaders talk about invasions of other countries, they need to stop the invasion of this country.

"It's being invaded. It's being invaded by people that should not be allowed to. You know we had the safest border, the strongest border that we've ever had just one year ago."

Trump called for a Republican-led Congress after the midterms to immediately pass a bill to increase the number officers for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – a group progressive Democrats have called to abolish.

On the Ukraine-Russia tensions, Trump noted his administration had far less talk of danger and potential invasions by Putin into Ukraine.

"We truly had peace through strength, as the great Ronald Reagan would say," Trump said.

"It's a disaster and a disgrace, what has happened to our country," he added.

Trump noted that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky's call with Biden this week had the Ukraine counterpart reportedly saying, "please calm down" the rhetoric on an imminent Russian invasion.

"Lawless, political establishments like this should not be allowed to continue," Trump continued. "They send young Americans to fight and die for the borders of distant foreign nations, while they throw our borders open to illegal foreign invasion.

"We fight for other borders, but we don't fight for our own. They torture your children with masks in school, while they host parties packed with unmasked donors in New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

"They restrict your freedom – and lock you in your home."

Trump vowed a Republican revival in Congress in the 2022 midterms because of those issues, and teased a 2024 presidential run of his own, stopping short of committing to making an official announcement.

"In 2022, we are going to start by ending Nancy Pelosi's political career once and for all, and then we're going to kick the Biden crime family out of the White House in 2024," he said.

"Biden has the real scandals," he continued, "and rest assured when Republicans retake Congress the Biden corruption will be investigated and exposed by Congress.

"But we no longer have a free and fair press. If we did, all of this would end; it wouldn't be there."