Trump: ‘Why Does Fox News Keep Chris Wallace?’

Trump: 'Why Does Fox News Keep Chris Wallace?' chris wallace smiles from the moderator's table Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File)

By Eric Mack | Monday, 07 June 2021 06:41 PM

The "radical left" Chris Wallace of Fox News was the subject of former President Donald Trump's latest public ire.

Trump wrote in a Save America PAC statement emailed to Newsmax on Monday:

"Why does Fox News keep Chris Wallace? His ratings are terrible, he's 'almost' Radical Left, he was acknowledged to have failed badly as a Presidential debate moderator (except for Biden who he totally protected!), and so much else. Usually, these are not the qualities of a long-term stay!"

It is just the latest Trump salvo aimed at the lead anchor of "Fox News Sunday."

Just over a week earlier, Trump told Newsmax's "Dick Morris Democracy" people "are angry" over Fox News coverage being more favorable for leftist political views.

"Well, Fox has been a lot different," Trump told Morris in the wide-ranging phone interview in late May. "I think they're coming back somewhat, but Fox has been certainly a lot different than it was 2016."

During the Trump administration, the negativity from liberal anchors at CNN (Jake Tapper, a former press secretary for Democrats), NBC (Chuck Todd, a former staffer for Democrats), and ABC (George Stephanopoulos, a former Democrat operative for former President Bill Clinton) permeated to Wallace, Trump lamented to Morris, a former Clinton adviser himself.

"He'd like to be Mike Wallace, that's his father," Trump said.

"He was disastrous. He was your basic disaster. You know, it's just he's a very negative guy and the people don't want to hear that. That's why they tune out."

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