Turley: Democrats ‘impulse buy’ impeachment of Trump would have ‘very serious implications’

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Turley: 'Impulse buy' impeachment has serious implications for the future

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said he doesn’t think Democrats should go forward with a "snap impeachment," explaining that the process is supposed be "deliberative," not impulsive.

Turley said on "Fox & Friends" Monday that such a quick impeachment process goes "against the grain of the Constitution" and would have "serious implications."


JONATHAN TURLEY: The very concept of a snap impeachment runs against the grain of the Constitution. This was supposed to be a deliberative, not an impulsive process. It’s rather, you know, curious that you have House leadership saying they may just impeach and wait months. Why not do this the correct way? Why not hold an inquiry, have a hearing?

There are very serious implications about what is occurring. And the first of those issues is this snap impeachment idea. You are creating a pathway for this type of impulse buy impeachment. This is what we are talking about here. There is a desire not to have that inquiry or hearing to look at the implications of what they are going to do. There are serious questions here that we need to discuss.

They are suggesting impeaching a president over a speech that many of us called reckless. But it’s a type of vicarious impeachment in the sense that he doesn’t call for violence in his speech. He in fact tells his followers to be peaceful, he says the reason they should go to the Capitol is to support members who are challenging the election. And to encourage other members to join them.

So the speech itself would not meet any definition, as a criminal matter, of incitement.


President-elect Joe Biden is avoiding taking a firm position on removing President Trump from office after last week's Capitol riot, as House Democrats signaled they would introduce articles of impeachment against him on Monday.

Democratic Reps. Ted Lieu, David Cicilline, and Jamie Raskin drafted the article of impeachment, "Incitement to Insurrection," which they plan to introduce in a House pro forma session on Monday.

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