Twitter Erupts Over Chicago Mayor Lightfoot’s ‘Call to Arms’ Tweet

Twitter Erupts Over Chicago Mayor Lightfoot's 'Call to Arms' Tweet Lori Lightfoot Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, has found herself in a Twitter controversy. (Getty Images)

By Peter Malbin | Tuesday, 10 May 2022 03:01 PM

Chicago's lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced a storm of Twitter criticism after she tweeted a "call to arms" to the LGBTQ community in response to the Supreme Court abortion leak indicating that Roe v. Wade may be overturned.

On Monday night, the Democrat Mayor Lightfoot warned the LGBTQ community that the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade could be ominous and urged the community to "fight" for its rights, the Daily Mail reported.

"To my friends in the LGBTQ+ community, the Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms," Lightfoot tweeted.

"We will not surrender our rights without a fight — a fight to victory!"

Twitter user Tim Young admonished the mayor's "call to arms" comments, while referencing Chicago's high shooting and murder rate.

"The Mayor of the most violent city in America is here to worry about woke nonsense instead of people literally dying in the streets there," he wrote.

Mark Dice chimed in, tweeting: "Isn't there already enough shootings and murders in your city, mayor?"

Chicago has reported 194 murders in 2022, only a 6% drop from the same time last year.

Chicago police also reported 779 shooting incidents so far this year, a 13% drop. Overall crime in Chicago has skyrocketed by 35% in the past year, the Daily Mail reported.

Buzz Patterson, another Twitter user, suggested Lightfoot should be banned from Twitter like former President Donald Trump had been.

Patterson wrote, "Sounds like an incitement to insurrection to me. Twitter?"
Over the weekend, abortion rights protesters flocked to the Washington, D.C.-area homes of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and on Monday, protests formed outside Justice Samuel Alito's home, the Daily Mail reported.

Mayor Lightfoot has been embroiled in numerous controversies. On May 19, 2021, Lightfoot stated she would only choose reporters of color for interviews on the occasion of her two-year anniversary in office. This sparked considerable backlash, with many calling for her resignation.

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