U. of Nebraska Offers Minor in ‘Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion’

U. of Nebraska Offers Minor in 'Racial Justice, Equity and Inclusion' university of nebraska logo on brick pillar (Dreamstime)

By Brian Freeman | Tuesday, 14 September 2021 02:01 PM

The University of Nebraska has added a Racial Justice, Equity, and Inclusion minor through its College of Arts & Sciences, according to the school’s website.

The minor is described as "designed for all students curious about racial justice. It furnishes students with an academic credential in diversity, equity, and inclusion training that prepares them for success in corporate, government, and nonprofit fields."

Those students who chose the minor will "gain knowledge proficiency about the history, politics, and culture of key racial and ethnic groups, including African Americans, Latinx Americans, and Native Americans."

The university states that participating students "will develop ease and confidence in having difficult conversations about race, privilege, and cultural difference, as well as the ability to research, write, and speak about racial and ethnic issues in an evidence-based, clear, logically sound, and persuasive way."

Nebraska is also offering students an "antiracist" education, such as a course entitled "How to Be Antiracist," which examines "issues related to racism and antiracism. Topics include the history of U.S. racial conflict, whiteness, white fragility, white allyship, white abolitionism, and community action."

UCLA Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw describes antiracism as "the active dismantling of systems, privileges, and everyday practices that reinforce and normalize the contemporary dimensions of white dominance," according to Red State.

Nebraska is just the latest university to offer an education in racial awareness, according to Red State.

The University of Central Florida, for example, is providing a degree in Social Justice in Public Service that includes topics such as human rights, income distribution, and the role of markets.

Other similar examples are a job listing recently posted by the University of Pittsburgh recently for Assistant Professor – Structural Racism, Oppression, and Black Political Experiences