UFO Whistleblower Alleges Pentagon Smear Campaign

UFO Whistleblower Alleges Pentagon Smear Campaign aerial view of the pentagon (Dreamstime)

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 27 May 2021 12:33 PM

A noted UFO whistleblower says he filed a complaint to the Defense Department inspector general that claimed Pentagon officials have sought to publicly discredit him and are spreading "disinformation."

"What he is saying is there are certain individuals in the Defense Department who in fact were attacking him and lying about him publicly, using the color of authority of their offices to disparage him and discredit him and were interfering in his ability to seek and obtain gainful employment out in the world, and also threatening his security clearance," Daniel Sheehan, the attorney for Lue Elizondo, told Politico.

Documents reviewed by Politico show Elizondo, a former counterintelligence official who worked in the Pentagon investigating "unmanned aerial phenomena," is accusing a top official of threatening to call him "crazy" for speaking out about concerns surrounding UAPs.

Elizondo filed the 64-page IG complaint May 3 and has met several times with investigators, his legal team told Politico.

A government report from the Director of National Intelligence and the Pentagon is set to be delivered to Congress in June that further details what the government's investigations of UAPs has revealed.

"Nobody seemed to be taking this thing seriously," Sheehan told Politico of Elizondo concerns when he left his post in 2017. At the time, Elizondo was frustrated due to his claim that governmental agencies are "not briefing each other on this."

"The old dodge is 'oh well, the real problem was that one shop wasn't communicating with the other shop,'" Sheehan added. "That's the classic bureaucratic dodge. I'm trying to get the Defense Department to clarify for the public and media what exactly is the cartography inside the Defense Department for dealing with this particular phenomenon."

Elizondo's complaint accuses the Pentagon of not taking seriously the observations made by military personnel of unknown high-performance aircraft.

"It was during this time I grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of resources and interest by senior leadership," the IG complaint reads. "UAP reporting to our office was increasing, yet our resources were minimal, and leadership involvement was almost non-existent.

"After increased frustration, I became alarmed by the frequency and duration of UAP activity in and around controlled U.S. airspace. The instances seemed more provocative, and during one instance, they came within feet of a U.S. fighter aircraft."

The Defense Department IG's office would not comment on the status of Elizondo's complaint, but it did announce a probe into Pentagon "actions" on UFOs just one day after Elizondo's complaint was filed, Politico reported.

His complaint alleges "malicious activities, coordinated disinformation, professional misconduct, whistleblower reprisal and explicit threats perpetrated by certain senior-level Pentagon officials" and "a coordinated effort to obfuscate the truth from the American people while impugning my reputation as a former intelligence officer at the Pentagon," Politico reported.

The outlet did not publish the names of the officials named in the complaint, because they might be under investigation.

"These negative actions against me have resulted in great personal and professional challenges to me and my family," Elizondo wrote.

As for the senior official threatening him, Elizondo says the official warned him that he would "tell people you are crazy, and it might impact your security clearance."

Elizondo responded "by telling him that he can take any action he thinks is prudently necessary, but that I was not mentally impaired, nor have I ever violated my security oath."

Elizondo also wrote he ceased interactions with that official "after our discussion as I feared he would take retribution against me."

"This extraordinarily bizarre process going on in the heart of the national security state bureaucracy where general officers, secretaries of defense are not being briefed in on something that is transparently within their jurisdiction," Sheehan told Politico. "That is a profound and fundamental problem that they view as being above their pay grade. They know something is going on, and they don't dare go there."

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