Ukrainian Lawmaker to Newsmax: Awaiting Confirmation of Russian Chemical Weapon Use

Ukrainian Lawmaker to Newsmax: Awaiting Confirmation of Russian Chemical Weapon Use (Newsmax/"Eric Bolling The Balance)

By Luca Cacciatore | Monday, 11 April 2022 07:14 PM

Ukrainian Parliament member Kira Rudik told Newsmax on Monday that the Ukrainian Parliament has heard allegations of Russia using chemical weapons during their siege of Mariupol, but they are still awaiting confirmation.

Rudik emphasized during her appearance on “Eric Bolling The Balance” that if the claims are verified, President Biden should send heavy weapons to Ukraine and make good on his promise of “another round of sanctions.”

“An hour ago, we had received the report from Mariupol about the usage of poisonous gas. We did not receive the confirmation yet. But we are already working as a government on making sure there are enough antidotes that we would have for the eastern territories,” she said.

However, the Ukrainian lawmaker cautioned onlookers that “It’s honestly impossible to get the antidote for everybody,” and further confirmation of the report is made difficult by Russia’s encirclement of the port city.

“And as well, we need to receive the reports of confirmation from Mariupol. I want to remind everybody that we are not able right now to get anything in Mariupol, and we are not able to get people out of there. It is a complete siege … and to confirm 100% what’s happening there, we would need more information,” Rudik stated.

Rudik said she was “extremely upset” to hear that the president differentiated between chemical weapon usage and other forms of Russian weaponry used against Ukrainians.

“It’s like a differentiation of, ‘It’s okay for you to die from bullets. It’s okay for you to die from shelling. But if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin is using chemical weapons, then we will act.’ Right now, it seems, he will have acted on his words.”

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