US Postal Service Stops Santa Monica Route Delivery Amid Assaults

US Postal Service Stops Santa Monica Route Delivery Amid Assaults a postal service truck is unloaded by a mail man (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

By Charles Kim | Monday, 11 April 2022 10:48 PM

The United States Postal service is no longer delivering mail to a block in Santa Monica, California, after a man allegedly attacked several mail carriers.

CBS News reported Sunday the postal service suspended mail delivery to the 1300 block of 14th Street in the California city because of a man with a history of domestic violence complaints allegedly attacked mail carriers on several occasions.

One incident reported Jan. 19 said the man swung a broomstick at a carrier at the intersection of 14th St. and Arizona Avenue, CBS reported.

According to the story, Santa Monica Police said the man was "well-known" to the department and has had several interactions with police.

Residents said they received a notice from the postal service telling them that delivery service was being suspended.

"My immediate reaction was just disappointment… frustration," homeowner Courtney Smith told the news outlet. "I feel a lot of compassion for the mail carriers. They shouldn't have to deal with that. Likewise, I feel compassion for the people that are instigating these things because who knows what's going on."

The notice said, "multiple carriers have been subjected to assaults and threats of assault from an individual who has not been located or apprehended," CBS reported.

Another area resident said the service continues delivering packages to the area, but regular mail must be picked up at the local post office.

"Since the suspension of daily mail has occurred, USPS still does come to our block – exclusive for delivering packages – no paper mail [or] envelopes, just packages," resident Clayton Canning told CBS News.

Police told KTLA 75 television they only found the one Jan. 19 report that resulted in just minor injuries to the mail carrier, who declined to press charges.

"If there were other incidents of USPS mail carriers being attacked, we were unable to locate additional reports," police spokeswoman Lt. Erika Aklufi told the station in an email.

The USPS gave the station a statement saying it was aware of the "recent reports of suspicious activity," and the delivery suspension was an "unusual, but necessary step to protect our employees."

"Obviously, the health and well-being of the people delivering our mail is everyone's number one concern; we don't want anyone put in harm," resident Teddy Canner told the station. "But if there's a gentleman that lives a few doors down that is making the neighborhood unsafe, then I think he should be removed from the neighborhood."

According to the news outlet, there is no time frame when delivery service to the neighborhood will resume.