Vernon Jones to Newsmax: Georgia Dems ‘Playing the Race Card’ to ‘Steal’ Elections

Vernon Jones to Newsmax: Georgia Dems 'Playing the Race Card' to 'Steal' Elections Vernon Jones (Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 20 May 2022 01:17 PM

Vernon Jones, seeking the GOP nod in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District race, Friday on Newsmax accused Democrats of "using a Black face" to steal his state's upcoming elections.

"They have this figured out," Jones, who has been endorsed in the race by former President Donald Trump, said on Newsmax's "National Report." "They're playing the race card to keep Black people on the plantation. They have all these liberals from the LGBT community. All these other liberals far-right far-left liberals. I should say Antifa, Black Lives Matter. They're doing all they can to try to steal this election, too."

Jones' comments came in a response to a question about Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, who has been pushing since 2018 to become governor, and about how it's assumed that she'll win this fall against whoever comes out ahead in Tuesday's primary, whether it's incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp or former Rep. David Perdue.

Abrams and others on the left last year pushed for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game to be moved out of Atlanta over Georgia's voting laws. Jones, who is also Black, accused the left of forcing the state's Black voters to "feel like they are victims that can't afford a free photo ID [and] have to have someone to hold their hands when they stand in line."

That, Jones said, "was not only wrong, but it was racist."

Abrams and those on the left, though, got the game to leave Atlanta, which has a 50% Black population, and move to Denver, where 9% of the population is Black, said Jones.

"Supposedly, this was supposed to help Black businesses, [but] many Black businesses and all businesses in Atlanta lost because of the big lie about voter suppression," said Jones. "That's the difference between election integrity and voter suppression. There's no suppression here.

"What we have here of those who have the opportunity to come out and vote. It's easy to vote. Major League Baseball should consider moving their national headquarters from New York to maybe Georgia because the election laws in New York are much more restrictive than the ones are here in Georgia."

Jones said he expects that Trump's endorsement will "play big" for him.

"When you look at the turnout, the record turnout that's happening in Georgia right now, a lot of those are MAGA folks … Georgia is not a blue state. Georgia is a stolen state, and they're making a statement that they're not going to sit on the sidelines. They're going to fight election integrity. They're going to fight to come out and overturned the state and take it back red."

The nation is also keeping a close eye on the Kemp-Perdue race, and Jones disputed reports that Perdue is losing popularity and may have trouble defeating Kemp, even though Trump has endorsed Perdue.

Jones blamed The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for much of the buzz, accusing the newspaper of being in a "love fest" with Kemp.

"They've been doing everything they can, that liberal paper, to help promote Brian Kemp, and to defeat anybody that that President Trump endorses, including myself," said Jones. "So when you look at MAGA folks again, coming out in record numbers, they're going to make a statement. It's tough in Georgia based on what has happened with the election integrity, the big lie."

But voters are angry, said Jones, and "you're going to see their frustration taken out" on Election Day.


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