Virginia Foxx to Newsmax TV: Teachers Unions ‘Have Way Too Much Control’

Virginia Foxx to Newsmax TV: Teachers Unions 'Have Way Too Much Control' (Newsmax TV/"American Agenda")

By Theodore Bunker | Thursday, 13 May 2021 04:54 PM

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., told Newsmax TV's "American Agenda" on Thursday that teachers unions across the country ''have way too much control'' over President Joe Biden, the Department of Education and local schools.

''Most of the schools in my district have been open for a long, long time, some of them open partially, but many of them all the time. Now, I just got off a call with a bunch of teachers, and they were bragging about some of the schools and their counties. So we want … schools to be open and you know, these comments by Randi Weingarten,'' the president of the American Federation of Teachers, ''just amuse me."

"Here they are saying, 'We want the students back in the fall full time.' I think she realizes that train has left already and they'd better try to grab onto it because the American people want the children back in school, and the unions have been the ones that have been keeping them out of school.''

She added that ''the unions have way too much control, they control the president, control the Department of Education, they control many of the local schools. We don't have unions in North Carolina, so I think it's been much better in North Carolina, in places where there are no unions. But I think I've said this before: the best thing that's come out of COVID[-19] has been the exposing of the unions and their control over the education system in many states.

"Thankfully again, we don't have them in North Carolina, we have the education association. They'd like to be unions, but they're not. But the unions have way, way too much control over everything that's happening in this administration. It's not just education; it's everywhere.''

Foxx added that the additional unemployment benefits given to offset the effects of the pandemic have caused teachers to become ''very selfish.''

She said, ''Well, they've been being paid to be at home. You know, we're seeing that with the extensive amount of money that's being paid to people for not going to work, the extra unemployment benefits, so people don't want to go to work. They're staying at home, and I think that's what you're seeing here with the teachers unions.

"They're at home, they can do what they want, some of them are teaching a ridiculously small amount of time, if they're teaching at all. And so I think it's been very selfish. Again, I think it's exposed them … for looking after themselves and not looking after the students, which is what they've professed over the years to do.''

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